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Top Engagement Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

I recently completed a presentation about engagement marketing to a group of small business owners, advertising professionals, and (a) university professor(s). I’m always asked about what Engagement Marketing means and tips for success. Here are a few suggestions, I offered to this group:

Engagement Marketing is….

  • Quick Response (within an hour, preferably)
  • Consistent (scheduled updates with tools such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck)
  • Extensive Research (from search results) = Content
  • Open convo with customers (no longer a one-sided conversation such as traditional media)

Facebook Tactics:

  1. Graphic Search Results (please Google this!)
  2. Add visuals based on results from Graphic Search (hint hint: buyer personas)
  3. Tagging others (shows up on their Newsfeed & others)
  4. “Liking” & Commenting Quickly
  5. Reach paid Ads through Power Editor (read more, here)

Twitter Tips:

  1. Twitter Advanced Search (
  2.  Search by #, keywords, location
  3.  Read New Follower’s Bio, “Thanks for the follow,” find common theme to spark a discussion
  4.  Tweetchat (scheduled conversations where individuals discuss products, services, or interests)
  5. Create “lists” where you can separate potential customers, past, etc.

I have more tips, please contact me if you’re interested in starting a conversation with your customers! 🙂

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