Comparisonitis - a book review & how it helped me save 2 hours of screen time!

Comparisonitis – a book review & how it helped me save 2 hours of screen time!

You might be in the middle of Spring Break or practicing lent. Because of that you could be doing a social media detox (for lent) or consumer more as you enjoy a few days off on your vacation and scroll endlessly. Regardless of where you are (no judging), I just finished reading this awesome book by Melissa Ambrosini called Comparisonitis: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Be Genuinely Happy. It came from my box subscription service called Sparkle Hustle Grow for female entrepreneurs (where I am on the team). You can read more about that here


I stopped managing the social media for my clients in March of 2021 after doing it for the first nine years of my business. I am only doing consultations & webinars/workshops/presentations. Because of that I don’t need to be on social media as much. I know this is a so hard topic for me because I’m on the social media platforms so much, it’s hard not to compare my life to others. 

Scroll Therapy

That’s why I really appreciate the tips Melissa offered in Chapter Eight: Scroll Therapy, specifically on page 167 on knowing your numbers. If you have an iPhone or Android, there are ways to monitor your daily screen time and average number of pickups. Check Screen Time App on iPhone and Digital Wellbeing app on Android. The stats are interesting! As a visual person, its not easy looking at the numbers and seeing how much time I am on these platforms! But it’s for research purposes, right? 

The BIG results

I have adjusted my Facebook & Instagram apps, reducing it to 45 minutes a day. It has reduced my time by two hours already, it’s more than a day so far. Bonus: I also enjoyed the chapters on Parenting and the tips for kids about positive affirmations. Also reading about the 10 different signs and symptoms, it helps to really understand where you are coming from. Finally, the biggest help was the “ACES technique – Awareness, Choose another path, Eliminate the trigger, and Shift your State.”

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