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Valentina speaking at the ASBDC in Nashville's Gaylord Convention Center
Valentina speaking at the ASBDC in Nashville’s Gaylord Convention Center

Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA, founded Beyond Engagement – Social Media Solutions in January 2012 – and hasn’t slowed down since. She has a passion for assisting small businesses grow their engagement levels with customers online with social media marketing.

Valentina started her marketing journey two decades ago as a teenager in Miami (FL) teaching seniors how to utilize email, browse the internet, and chat. She is currently a seasoned marketer, social media strategist, serial learner, speaker, and marketing educator specializing in helping individuals and their businesses build authentic connections with their social media to boost customer relations and create a strong, purposeful community online.

She also deeply understands digital content, social media platforms, social listening practices, and digital marketing strategies, with over 10 years of experience in the world of social media. As a co-author of the book, “The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever,” she collaborates with over 35 fellow marketers to give you their combined top strategies. (This community book was part of RISE Discord community by Mark Schaefer.)

She has been featured in multiple podcasts available on her website and has won several prestigious awards throughout her marketing career.

Her other achievements include:


Valentina prefers talking over the phone vs emailing back and forth
Valentina prefers talking over the phone vs emailing back and forth

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