I gave up Dunkin’ Donuts for Lent and why it was hard

I haven’t had Dunkin’ Donuts since the beginning of Lent, around March 5th. It’s been a long time! (for me, at least). 
I go there to get my favorite, Decaf Iced Pumpkin Coffee or on the weekends, I get the healthy #6 or #10 option which is an egg white flatbread with turkey sausage. It’s a “go to” meal for when I’m on the road getting errands done or crossing the Mountains to go into Asheville, NC.


First, it’s delicious and quick! Second, as a social media consultant, I’m constantly on Facebook and my newsfeed is covered in Dunkin’ Donuts status updates…but why am I seeing posts in Spanish? How do they know that I’m Hispanic? Also, how do they know I live in Tennessee? I used to see posts mentioning TN last fall. I “Like” the general Dunkin’ Donuts page, not a Spanish or a TN one.

Here is a recent screen shot of a post in Spanish on my Facebook newsfeed.

Dunkin' Donuts Facebook Status Updates. Graphics from Dunkin' Donuts.
Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook Status Updates. Graphics from Dunkin’ Donuts.


I love how the status update is catered to me, it’s in Spanish and showing an Iced Coffee. It makes me feel special since they are “bilingual” and know my tastes.


I just took an intense Facebook Advertising Course (I’ll blog about this at a later time). I now understand that they might be using PowerEditor to cater different messages to different audiences. Perhaps they used my email address from my answered surveys (for a free donut) and got info about my Hispanic origins and that I live in TN? Narrowed a search about people who are Bilingual and did a post from that bunch? But I assume they did an unpublished or “dark post” where they upload a status update that only a certain group can see on their newsfeed? I don’t see this specific post in Spanish on their page, I didn’t go too far scrolling for this.

Regardless of what their effective Social Media Marketing strategies are, I’m a big fan. Thanks for trying to making me feel special with your custom posts. Time to get off of this blog and grab some DD! I’m dying to try that new Cookie Dough flavor!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or endorsed to post this blog post. Also, I might have had some DD the first few days during Lent while I was trying to figure out what I might give up for these 40+ days.


Dunkin Donuts Facebook Status Updates. Graphics from Dunkin Donuts.

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