List of Top Veterinary Social Media Content for Facebook

Valentina with Horse

Valentina with Horse

My passion is Animals. Since it’s Friday and I’m feeling inspired to blog about my niche. This blog post is for Creative Veterinarians, Office Managers/Receptionists in Veterinary Animal Hospitals, or anyone that’s responsible for Social Media and needs a bit of a guidance in this “Social” world.

Facebook is a great place to entertain, educate, and most importantly engage with your patient’s owners! Instead of teaching how to do this, I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite ideas for Facebook content. (Read this too)

Hershey and the Giant Cupcake

Hershey and the Giant Cupcake

Visuals: “Selfies” , Pictures with Babies, Pictures with Silly Captions. It’s all about creating images for updates like snow days, closings for office staff, special announcements. Use Picmonkey, it’s mostly free and no experience is needed. (the images you see on this page, were done through there)

“Promos”: Holiday Deals, Dental Month, “Check-in” deals, People like a BOGO deal.

Valentine's Day Promo with Hershey

Valentine’s Day Promo with Hershey

“Share” pictures from other pages. If you’re running low on ideas, you can always “share” pictures from other pages such as this one. (Always provide credit when sharing an image that isn’t yours)

“Funny Videos” Everyone is trying to have the next “viral” video that will take off and make your practice famous. If done right, your videos on YouTube can help increase Search Engine Optimization, which help your practice show up more prominently on Google when searched. (Below is great video from  Wake County SPCA . Visit them at

If none of this make sense, or if you need some help, I’ll be glad to assist you with your social media needs. I could visit your practice and teach your staff, manage your marketing myself, or simply talk with you about what I do.