Takeaways from attending a Holiday AI Art Party

Takeaways from attending a Holiday AI Art Party

ChatGPT is the talk of the week and worth reading this mind blowing blog post about the possibilities, I wanted to take a break about AI for content and talk about AI for image generation instead. Here is a super quick blog post about it after participated and attending an AI Holiday Art Party.

I don’t know the legal aspects of using these AI generated images for my blog post and I’m not attorney so what I am sharing below are just screenshots (selfies) from our Holiday AI party on Spatial .

If you need to create an AI generated image here are a few options:

  • Stable Diffusion – there’s a free option, I did this one
  • Dall.E -2 – I didn’t use this one because I needed to create an account
  • Midjourney – I didn’t use this one either because it looks too complicated with the integration with Discord.

Again, my discord community pushes me to learn new things, if you missed my previous blog post about my meta-talk, you can read it here.

I took a selfie with the snowman and Spencer C showed up in my selfie!

Frank Prendergast, did a quick video for our Discord group explaining the different sites to create these AI Images. You can type in a search query and I believe I did something like “Valentina or Heart in the Smokey Mountains with Wreaths” (on Stable Diffusion’s site) and it created a boring image and I went with that to submit for our AI Art Party.

It was fun attending this Art Party because we ended up going into a “gallery” and there was moments of awkward silence because everyone was looking at all the art submissions and we added a “sticky note” on the ones we thought we the best. Sadly, I didn’t win!

We later stayed around to take selfies with those who were there. I didn’t stay for the hot tub afterwards but I did get into the spirit with my new outfit, Ms Gingerbread for the occasion.

My Gingerbread outfit on Spatial

I might have missed out on more tips to help you understand more but if you have any questions, I’d be glad to join you on Zoom for more discussion.

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