Why Nonprofits Need to Engage with their Audience and HOW

Why Nonprofits Need to Engage with their Audience and HOW

Why Nonprofits Need to Engage with their Audience and HOW
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I recently consulted with a local nonprofit about an upcoming social media campaign. Although, I’m not sure about the details just yet, they’ll be having a social media contest in the next month that ties in with their organization’s headquarters. It’s going to be HUGE and they’ll need to get support from the public. (This can also work for promoting live events such as silent auctions, fundraisers, etc)

What nonprofits need to do now if they’ll be launching or requesting anything from their audiences online.

  1. Listen
  2. Start a Plan of Execution
  3. Engage!

*More in detail below


There are so many nonprofits, perhaps dozens in within a city. Everyone is asking the same thing, to “donate to us now” on Facebook or on Twitter but so few are actively participating in local conversations with media, providing knowledge about their cause, or even displaying visual entertainment such as inspiring quotes or silly pet pictures to get the ball rolling. People like to donate to causes that they can relate to! Not just when these agencies are asking for funds.

Listen: What is happening in your local town, who are the main movers/shakers, what companies are  investing in their employees?

Execution Plan:

  • Start gathering lists of media/TV agencies, past donors/sponsor/volunteers, and potentials and start “liking” their Facebook pages (as the nonprofit not your personal account) and/or add them to lists on Twitter (“Media”, “Donors”, “Prospects” using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck)
  • Meet WEEKLY with a person/people held responsible for organizing this effort and delegate duties such as posting on Facebook, Engaging with the Public (details below), Coming up with Content, Handling Twitter.


  • Be Consistent, you can use Hootsuite & Tweetdeck to schedule all of your updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + all at once!!
  • Start visiting your NewsFeed (as signed in) as your nonprofit page and start “liking” and commenting on these Business Pages’ status updates. (i.e. Welcome that new TV Anchor that just joined this community and ask her to come on by for a tour of your new facility). They’ll remember that you engaged with them and they’ll probably engage with anything you post or keep you in mind in the future.
  • Start tweeting with the list of companies/people you gathered and start engaging with tweets, retweets, and quote retweets (<– my favorite).

Most important, be genuine!

Any questions? I’ll be glad to help, even for the smallest questions.