Social Media Folks – My Book Review of JJJRH

New York Times bestselling author and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk
New York Times bestselling author and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk and Valentina at Inbound 2012

If you’re a social media consultant, content manager or have to personally manage the social media for your business or to secure your job at a corporation, then I highly recommend reading this book.

Gary Vaynerchuck’s book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right hook (JJJRH) is ideal for those individually responsible for managing social media marketing. I found the best insights in this “How to” guide include (for all major platforms):

  • Questions to ask yourself about the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Specific details of what to put into visuals, videos, etc
  • How to handle hashtags effectively
  • Case Studies of What Works for What
  • Using Reviews as Content
  • The Difference of Content and Context and how to use it for your benefit
  • Using these platforms for engagement and specific examples of how to do it

My Final Thoughts: I don’t want to give away all of his secrets, but it really makes you second doubt anything you’re about to post and if you’ve done anything right, you feel good about about what you’re getting paid to do.

If you’re an entrepreneur, I suggest reading his book, Crush It (2009) first to get you into his mindset.

If you’re a business owner and won’t be responsible for managing the day to day social media, then read another of his books, The Thank You Economy (2011).

Final Final Thought: I really should read it again. 


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