Your Checklist for Facebook Business Pages

Your Checklist for Facebook Business Pages

Are you an admin for a Facebook Business Page? If so, please keep reading. Speaking to dozens of business owners each month at my workshops enables me to see similarities. I’m often seeing the same issues when it comes to folks maintaining their Facebook Business Pages. Here are things to consider to update or change:

Change profile & Cover photo

Have you changed your profile picture to your logo or your professional head shot? It might be time to change your cover photo if you haven’t done so recently.

“About” Section

It is critical to have your hours of operations up to date. The contact information, all other details in this section are important if you want people to reach you in various ways (email, phone, visiting your website). Do you yourself check these “various” methods to contact you in a consistent way?

Call-to-Action Button

Right under your cover photo this is the best way to have someone reach you immediately. If you are a restaurant, you might want to have your phone number on there (great busy times or weather related). If you don’t check your Facebook Messenger frequently, then you would want to use the email option instead.

”Pin” button/”unpin”

If you have been featured in an article or have an upcoming major event (ribbon cutting, after hours, etc), you would want to “pin” that status so that your audiences sees it at the top of the page. Once your event has passed, you should “unpin” it.

Business layout

This is a wonderful tool on Facebook that most people haven’t used. There are several options that optimize the look of your page with default buttons. If you are a consultant, you add “services” to your Facebook page so that your “likes” know what you can offer them. I also like that you can use the arrange the order of the tabs.

Custom messaging

Remember I mentioned to update your hours? This is important to have because you can customize the message (personalize) based on the time of day on which people have messaged you. Also included is a different type of message if someone is visiting your page for the first time.

See below for PDF attached for a checklist of items for your Business Page.

Facebook Checklist

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Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA
Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA

Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA is an award winning young professional. She has a background in sales and has been using social media platforms professionally since 2009. Her experiences stem from years of staying current on the latest in industry news, handling customer objectives, and creating a solid social media marketing plan.


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