Why you need to update your Facebook Page consistently to reach Millennials

Marketing to Millennials.
Photo Credit, HubSpot.

Pretty neat story: My 20-something year old friend was seeking therapy in Acupuncture. What did she do to find an acupuncturist? She searched on Facebook NOT Google for a local acupuncturist. Amazingly she lives in a town where there’s a couple of acupuncturists but found that my past client was the only one who had a Facebook page (at the time) and was 30 minutes away from her! She still went and enjoyed her services.

According to a study by BCG, Millennials (people ages 18-34) “already account for an estimated $1.3 trillion in direct annual spending, of which at least $430 billion is estimated to be discretionary, nonessential spending.”

Why does this matter to you and your small business?

Millennials are social. They look to their friends and family on social media for suggestions on services, restaurants, things to do. In fact, “fifty-two percent of Millennials surveyed said they use social media to “like” a brand—compared with 33 percent of boomers surveyed—while 39 percent post product reviews. Twice as many Millennials as boomers check prices, look up product information, or search for promotions on their mobile devices while in a store.” (read more here by BCG).

What can you do on Facebook to market to this generation?

  • Have a plan! (Who will do this?) How often? What’s your goal?
  • Consistently update your Facebook page
  • Promote relevant content that is entertaining, engaging, educational
  • Create spectacular visuals, I use PicMonkey to edit photos
  • Too Busy? Schedule your updates ahead of time! Using Hootsuite or TweetDeck
  • Still Lost? Hire an expert to guide you to the last changes




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