Completed Facebook Marketing Success System Course: How To Master Facebook To Get the Maximum Reach, Results and Revenue

Facebook Marketing Success System - Certificate
Facebook Marketing Success System – Valentina’s Certificate

Finally! I can tell everyone, not just clients and friends. I took Mari Smith’s and Dennis Yu’s Facebook Marketing Success System Course! In other words, it’s mostly about Facebook Power Editor (using Google Chrome) and Facebook Ads. If you always press the “Boost” button when promoting your Facebook post, then you’re breaking the most important rule. Still trying to understand? 

In a nutshell, I’ve learned:

  • Types of Targeting, Ads that lead to Results (more below…)
  • Creating FB Ads from email lists, aka custom audiences, reaching new/past/exclude a specific audience
  • Creating Ads to Target Specific Workforces, Interests, Buying Behaviors, Demographics (to a granular level) – great for B2B/B2C
  • Creating Ads based off of offline purchases I’m sure you didn’t even know you can do that? 🙂 (There’s a button for that on Power Editor)
  • Creating Ads based off of interests of your fans using Facebook’s Graph Search (I learned that my fans love to Hike, Camp, & the Bible – perhaps I should be posting more content related to that?)
  • Infamous “Dark Posts” (unpublished posts) where you can post a status update to a selected group of people and it doesn’t show up on your timeline and WHY you need to!
  • The Benefits of Ad Placement — Newsfeed vs. Right-Hand Column ($$$ vs. Reach)
  • Analytical Type? There’s a way to see conversion tracking pixels from an action on your website
  • Frugal? You name a price on how much you want to spend! (it’s more adjustable than pressing that “boost” button)
  • How to Conduct Competitive Research Analysis
  • Retargeting (FBX) – those banner ads that follow you after you leave a website

Now you know why you should consider using Facebook Power Editor vs. clicking the “boost” button!

I’ll be trying to blog about Facebook Power Editor in more detail. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be glad to explain in more detail.

I’ve already reached out to clients and I’m already booked for May. I’ll be teaching their staff or personally managing their FB Ads for them. I want to be this area’s go to person for this topic. 🙂


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