Thanks for Zack Seipert for this picture of me at my Mini-Meta talk

My mini-meta talk: Recession Proof your Marketing for Marketers

“Challenges reveal your ambition and grit. Don’t shy away from them.” – Fortune Cookie

At the bottom of this blog post is my video from my first “mini-Meta” talk.

The Meta

If 2022 had a word, it would be “metaverse” for me. I attended the Uprising Marketing Retreat in April by (my favorite marketer in the world) Mark Schaefer where I was first exposed to this new world. It literally pushed my knowledge and broaden it (my brain hurt several times too). I blogged about it here and the takeaways.

My motivation: my kids

As a mom of two young girls and a marketer, I challenged myself to learn more about Web3 and the Metaverse this summer. I even joined a Discord community called the RISE and hanged out with a community of smart marketers also with the same mindset of figuring out this technology. I purchased tokens too! If this is the future, I got to know where my kids are headed!

The crazy thing that I signed up for

I “auto-invited” myself to sign up for a “ted-talk” like presentation where I would join two others for a 5 minute presentation on the topic of my choice. I want to tell you: I barely understood how to use and operate my Oculus 2 headset, really like … not even knowing how to manage the movements of my avatar. I set up my avatar to resemble me and my conservative attire. I am not a fan of showing skin and if you really know me, you’d know I live in a hat and wear these sunglasses (see below).

No worries, if you don’t own a headset because you can also login online through Spatial to create an account use it without the purchase of the headset and participate and set up your room there from your desktop. Spatial is the site where we set up our presentations. You can set it up and add features to make it custom to your liking. You’ll find out I love dogs in my presentation below. I have a few tips you if you are a brave soul like myself and are going to invest your time and resources into going onto these spaces. Especially if you “raise your hand” to present without little or no knowledge like me!

Me in Spatial

First, have a buddy to do a dry run and practice using these spaces on Spatial. Special thanks to the RISE community for having events to have us practice our skill sets on these online places/portals. In one of our first introductions of Meta, we saw a presentation about how these places are where business deals are now occurring for some industries.

Before getting started, I want to do a special thanks to Dan Nestle for taking the time for me to experiment with his Spatial room (we met IRL at the Uprising Retreat). Also want to thank Frank Prendergast (in Ireland) and Joeri Billast (in Belgium) for taking the time to help others and lead these mini-meta talks and dry runs for our online community. You have to check out Frank’s blog article: How I organised an event in the Metaverse using with no idea what I was doing for further reading!

I emailed Robbie Fitzwater who participated in the first mini-meta talk for suggestions, here are some tips that he shared with me:

  • ask someone specifically to take pictures
  • create a QR code (for folks asking for the slides)
  • have arrows to direct people where to stand once they arrive to your room

Special thanks for Bruce Scheer for capturing this video for me!

I recommend start watching around the 1:20 minute mark to start the introduction by Frank.

I incorporated Robbie’s suggestions by adding the arrows for people to know where my presentation was occurring but also added beagles (the only dog option) to really help after they arrived to my portal from the previous presentation because it takes a second or two to know what is occurring and where!

I added mirrors to the sides of my Powerpoint slides to create the visual of more people appearing vs what there were at the time (it was held at 12pm ET, but we have an international audience and so it might have been too late for our European friends) Also used the mirrors to make it more spacious. I also hoped people would take selfies and have my slides reflected on their pictures!

I created a QR code for people to register for my email newsletter instead of just getting the slides. I also attempted to record my presentation because there’s an option to record screen or take screenshots on Spatial but I learned you can’t record the audio portion! Thank goodness for the RISE community for screen shots and recordings!

I might have missed out on more tips to help you understand more but if you have any questions, I’d be glad to join you on Zoom for more discussion.

Having issues implementing a marketing or networking strategy for small business? I will be glad to schedule a consultation with you and help you achieve your goals.

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