Quiet Thriving for Marketers

“Quiet thriving” strategies for Marketers

Forget about “quiet quitting” because this marketing consultant (myself) will be sharing her strategies for “quiet thriving” with you. This is the new term according to a Washington Post article that means “taking specific actions and making mental shifts that help you to feel more engaged on the job.” I will be tackling on three of the suggestions listed which include:

  • Make an accomplishments list.
  • Cultivate a best friend at work. (or try instead: Join a group.)
  • Insert fun breaks.

As a business owner and marketer, I can’t try to “quiet quit” or I can’t grow my business! It is simply not a choice for me. If you are a consultant or business owner, I have come up with some tips in this blog post that have helped me to thrive.

Plus I just started practicing the Danish term, “Hygge” which according to Wikipedia means “a mood of coziness and “comfortable conviviality” with feelings of wellness and contentment.” Special thanks to Alison Kenward for introducing me to this concept in her free ebook.

Two stories: motivation and helping others

Before sharing my own ways to thrive to help you get unstuck, I wanted to share two stories from this past week. I recently got a mini self esteem boost because one of the ladies that runs the local chapter of Girls on the Run, who I shared a team with as an assistant coach this past Fall informed me about a grant opportunity for female small business owners.

I had to complete a ton of questions of my accomplishments, things that I was proud of during my time as a business owner (almost 11 years this month), and after finishing and submitting my grant application, I felt stronger, wiser, a fighter like the Christina Aguilera song goes.

When was the last time you reviewed your list of accomplishments and how you have helped others? It was impactful to go down in memory lane and how I have helped not only small businesses but also fend for my application by showing how I have helped the community as well with my volunteer work in the nonprofit community.

I also was helping a professional acquaintance with editing their blog post and also provided boost in their self esteem by reminding that person that they have had a great career and everyone would be eager to read their thoughts through an blog post.

When was the last time you helped someone else to thrive? Since I am a solopreneur, I don’t have a best friend (or even a pet) at work like the article mentions but I do have an engaged community of followers on Instagram that can always reach out to me for help! (And vice versa)

Hygge – adding fun to your workplace

Don’t judge me but I manifest as soon as I walk into my office on Mondays. I listen to subliminal sounds and write in a journal about my dreams and goals. Once I finish that exercise, I physically write down my agenda for the week to have something to look forward to plus I use a cute notepad to inspire me to be consistent by logging in my appointments each week!

quiet thriving strategies for marketers
quiet thriving strategies for marketers

I am not a blogger. Everyone in the industry is talking about ChatGPT but this blog post was written by me with a FUN keyboard! I don’t enjoy the writing process but it does help to write more when you buy fun tools to make it happen like this keyboard. One of my friends got one for herself in December and I have been thinking of getting one since seeing her post. (I’m not getting endorsed for this keypad from Amazon) but I am enjoying writing this post for you with it.

hygge ideas for marketers
hygge ideas for marketers

What tools or toys can you add to your desk that practices “Hygge” and helps your thrive? Make it happen!

Now I’m off to use this keyboard again to apply for a speaking engagement where they are asking me six months ahead of time for my PPT presentation along with a description of the talk.

I might have missed out on more tips to help you understand more but if you have any questions, I’d be glad to join you on Zoom for more discussion.

Having issues implementing a marketing or networking strategy for small business? I will be glad to schedule a consultation with you and help you achieve your goals.

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