Insights from visiting my grandma in Texas

Insights from visiting my grandma in Texas

I visited my grandma in Texas last week. Its been 20+ years since I went to Houston and San Antonio when she had a stroke back in 2004. With my marketing hat on, I noticed a problem while being there? Before I share that with you, here is a mini back story: I left Tennessee with a stomach bug and with the 102 degree heat in Texas, I ended up going to an emergency 24 hour walk-in clinic and on antibiotics now.

I went to visit my grandma because my uncle passed away last month while I was attending a marketing retreat (the Uprising) and my oldest child was in the middle of her standardized state testing.  

In Texas, I was eating mostly toast and potatoes most days because I was afraid to see how my stomach would react to “real” food. I remember when I went to a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio Market area after spending the day at SeaWorld. I really depended on my senses and surprisingly my sense of touch was heightened.

Using your senses

The waitress handed me a couple of tortillas and I immediately noticed a difference in quality by the sandy texture in the tortilla. I have never grabbed a “sandy” tortilla before. I tasted it and it was incredible.

Can your customers immediately sense a difference in quality while using another sense? (i.e. not using taste but touch to feel a quality difference)

I can help you identify that quality that you offer to customers with my personal brand and Digital marketing strategies.

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