Etam's bag with the Carambar given to my daughters from employee.

Etam, how I discovered this French lingerie brand through LinkedIn but purchased items because of their stance on sustainability

I looking at my LinkedIn newsfeed while visiting family in Miami and discovered Etam. It is a French lingerie store that opened their first US location in Miami (Florida) a few days after I arrived. Intrigued, I braved the insane Miami traffic across my hometown to visit Dadeland Mall where this store was located. I went into this store out of curiosity but actually purchased items because of their stance with sustainability. I share my takeaways in a video below and pictures with details (at the very bottom).

Here are stats that show the importance of moving toward sustainable goals:

  • 70% of consumers said they would pay more for brands that are environmentally responsible. (IBM)
  • Millennials are twice as likely as baby boomers to change habits to reduce their environmental impact. (NielsenIQ)
  • Only 8.7% of plastic created is recycled, while 75.5% ends up in landfills. (EPA Advancing Sustainable Materials Management)

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Here are a few pictures:

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