How to Market your Sustainability Efforts to Younger Generations

How to Market your Sustainability Efforts to Younger Generations

One of the most impactful field trips that I had as a kid growing up in sunny Miami (Florida) was when I planted a “tree.” It was located on the campus of Florida International University and organizers told us it would take 20 years for the seed to develop into a tree. We dug a hole and left, and I rarely thought about that experience until recently when I saw an episode of Australian cartoon, Bluey where the main character did the same thing with a playdate while camping.

Brands active in sustainability attract 10x more new followers

-Linkedin’s PDF How to Create Breakthrough Sustainability Content

Last year and now

Last year I attended an insightful webinar held by Purna Virji, Senior Content Solutions Evangelist for LinkedIn and left equipped with knowledge on how to promote substainability for businesses. I even did a recap about it in a blog post.

Here are key takeaways this year from LinkedIn’s How to Create Breakthrough Sustainability Content

  • 82% of the public expect CEOs to take a public stand on Climate Change
  • 87% of businesses claimed that investing in sustainability would generate long-term economic benefits

Case study: Horoscopes to get Gen Z/Millennials to Recycle

Tapping on a trend. Patti Boerger, Director of PR, Content and Social from Paper and Packaging Brand shared the success they received from their newsletter, How Life Unfolds about the astrology of recycling. This was a fun quiz which is one of those trending and fun exercises that most generations are doing to discover their personality. But as Boerger said, it is how to make recycling a habit (based on test results).

It is so crucial to share that these two generations make daily decisions from their horoscopes. This campaign resulted being the most visited page and 15 Million video views. You can see and read more about this LinkedIn “Sustainability Forward: How Marketers Engage” webinar here.

Two stats that jumped out at from LinkedIn’s Success with Sustainability on LinkedIn PDF

  • Between 2021 and 2022, engagement with sustainability content on LinkedIn increased by 60% while the number of unique members engaging with sustainability posts rose 30% worldwide
  • In 2022, companies that posted about sustainability on LinkedIn at least six times generated a 10.7x increase in followers a month.

Questions on attracting younger generations to your sustainability efforts? Have any questions, please reach out to me. There is a calendar link here or you can contact me privately with my information provided below.

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