The ROI of Social Media This moment with Julie Ball from Sparkle Hustle Grow

The ROI of Social Media? This moment with Julie Ball from Sparkle Hustle Grow

“Whats the ROI of Social Media, Valentina?” I have been asked that so many times in my past nine years in business.

My answer: This moment with Julie Ball, founder of Sparkle Hustle Grow (SHG) , a box subscription for female entrepreneurs. It has tools, training and community to help you grow your business. Plus you can write if off as a business expense. Love their slogan, #BestBusinessExpenseEver.

Next month is the 5th anniversary of SHG. Now how does this explain the ROI of social media? What is my biggest sales tip on Instagram? (continue reading)

Valentina with Julie Ball, founder of Sparkle Hustle Grow in September 2021

It started with Christmas

Rewind a little bit. My husband got me a 3 month membership as a Christmas gift. I continued my membership on and off over the years. It really felt like Christmas each month getting my shiny pink box with a brand new book to enjoy and office supplies, plus I really consider the monthly trainings each month a mini MBA program for my business.

Instagram Tip: Turning on Notifications

I always think that going by “Valentina” stands out in a community, but being consistent also helps. I was active in the community within the Facebook Group for subscribers only but Instagram helped me stand out.

I often commented or told Julie that I am an hour away from Asheville, NC where the box ships. If by chance there’s any networking events or opportunities, I’d be there in a second (an hour really). But what helped me stay consistent was turning on notifications of when SHG posted.

I can’t remember if I was leading a Social Media workshop at a local TSBDC office at the time or if I was doing a one on one consult with a client but I happen to turn on notifications for whenever SHG posted.

If you need to learn the steps on how to do that, you go to the brand’s profile and depending on when you are reading this, but there’s a bell icon on the top right hand side, I turn on whenever that brand or person posts on Newsfeed, Stories, IGTV, or creates a Reel.

Anyway, I turned on notifications and actively commented or was the first to “like” posts whenever they were posted. It made me top of mind as a member in the community.

Do you turn off notifications too when prospects, leads, or a company you really want to work with post?

How do I got to be on the SHG Team

Fast forward to 2020, yes, 2020! I had invested in fancy headshots and pictures from my friend, Rosy Cheeks Photography for my brand back in February 2020. By late Spring, Julie approached me about a job opportunity because my brand looked “polished” on my social media channels. I loved the box so I said yes to my opportunity to be on the team as a side gig. I currently lead networking events online for our Helping Hour and Happy Hours.

Our first time meeting back in April 2021

So what’s the ROI of social media? Its hard to quantify with numbers but meeting Julie wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for me being active on the Facebook group, having alerts turned on to be top of mind, having consistency in my social media channels and investing in fancy photography to make me stand out from others.

As I was writing this blog post, I found out that SHG is having a giveaway (of course, I can’t win because I’m on the team) you can see the details here for Ultimate Office Makeover for Female Entrepreneurs. It ends on 9/23/2021.

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Webinars online not limited attend if you are not my local area which includes Johnson City, TN, Kingsport, TN, Bristol, TN, Bristol, VA, Abingdon, VA. I also really enjoy crossing into Asheville, NC too.

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