Branding being Sustainable

Branding being Sustainable

I remember the first time I was called a tree-hugger. I didn’t know what that meant. I was in college and visiting a farm in Ocala, FL sitting under a tree with Spanish Moss and the person I was shadowing said that to me. I can’t remember what I shared with her at that time but I love to recycle, I often wish the recycling bin was the same size of the garbage can.

Tips from a webinar that made an impact for me

I learned so much from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (hour and a half) webinar: Sustainability Forward: How Brands Engage. I’ll be sharing key takeaways below, really liked the info on keywords/hashtags/cheatsheet (see below)!


  • 36% of LinkedIn Members report that seeing a company committed to sustainability influences their purchase-decision
  • 41% of LinkedIn users want brands/corporations to be more transparent about their sustainability practices/policies.
  • Companies that post sustainability content at least 1-3 times in the last 6 months generated more followers than companies that do not.
  • Member engagement with sustainability topics will continue to grow – a 2.5x increase since the pandemic’s start.
  • Green Talent in the Global Workforce has an annual cumulative growth rate of 38%, and Millennials make up most of it.
  • See image below for popular hashtags:
Photo Credit: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Telling your Story

I heard Prina Virji (at LinkedIn, see below), talk about the webinar ahead of time in the MarketingSmarts podcast called How to Become a Trusted Voice in the Sustainability Conversation but this cheatsheet she provided during the webinar might be useful if you are managing the brand for a company.

Photo Credit: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

What was the biggest takeaway for you? What is your action item? I asked in the chat box during the webinar about sharing these insights, they came from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

I’ll be wrapping up next in-person Social Media workshop this month. Hope you can join me, its on Social Selling!

Call me or email me if you have questions.

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