When Valentina became the influencer, strategies for Marketers

I mentioned influencers in a recent webinar about 2022 trends, you can see more trends in this article.

Influencers. Everyone wants to be them. Right? I see my young kids pretending to be one and taking selfies and describing what they are doing at the same time.

But how do you market your business more effectively with them? I am not a legal expert just a marketer, so this blog post will help your marketing with your rep/influencer.

I had the opportunity to be a fashion rep for a local boutique called Cotton and Co. It was a 3 month period from October to December 2021. I had so much fun. I knew I would have fun blogging about this experience too.

Here is a quick checklist that I would suggest boutique owners or store owners to do too when considering adding an ambassador, rep, or another word to describe an influencer to start (again this is a quick list not meant to be a guide) but first, check:

  • Your bio (on Instagram), tells us what stands out about your boutique, make sure the links or linktree account are correct
  • Convert your Instagram Personal Page to a Business Page so your customers can find your address and contact info more easily or message you
  • Use Hashtags: whether its the city, or town, brand, or maybe just describing the fabric pattern (leopard and pearls please!)
  • Videos! Where are you located? Behind that biscuit restaurant or in front of that gym that everyone drives by?
  • If a Brick & Mortar store? Engage with local hashtags (local city or town) and your store name hashtag, & engage with neighboring businesses
  • Make your “reps” turn on notifications (Bell Icon on Bio on Instagram) to engage with posts from the store or brand (such as a like or comment on posts) and on Facebook too and not just on their own posts but about others or posts from the page
  • Finally! Look at the accounts that have “checked-in” and comment on their posts

This list is just a checklist and a start. Let me know and reach out to me if you have any questions? Need a customized one and a private session with me.

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