It's not too late to promote your Holiday Campaigns, here's what you can do right now.

It’s not too late to promote your Holiday Campaigns, here’s what you can do right now.

You might think it’s too late to promote your holiday deals right now. But you are wrong! Although over 20% of consumers in the US began holiday shopping in October there are also folks who are procrastinators or ones with a need of unique gift ideas!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • 42% of major retailer sales between December 18-25 are from shoppers buying online and picking up in-store
  • 42% of U.S. consumers plan to use a smartphone or tablet for holiday shopping this year, source: Citi Retail Services
  • 73% report planning to shop in a brick-and-mortar store, source: Citi Retail Services
  • 69% of shoppers prefer to research online and buy in the store, a trend otherwise known as “webrooming,” source: study by Shopify

Gift Guides for Every Person

I was recently listening to a podcast episode by Christina Nicholson from where she discusses strategies for creating and brainstorming lists such as shopping guides for individuals such as entrepreneurs, items under $100 or less, millennials, etc. I have noticed these lists appearing on my Instagram feed. I have even liked a few of the items mentioned in these lists. They are pretty accurate!

Whether you have an online or brick-and-mortar business, it is clear (from the stats above) that having an online strategy is imperative for December sales.

Creating your shopping guides is simple. Think of your biggest three audiences: What do they mostly buy from you? Add a handful of your items on an image with numbers and details in the post describing each item. I personally like using the paid version of Canva or you can try PicMonkey to create stunning images and quickly! (I pay for Canva out of my own pocket)

These websites offer paid and unpaid versions. In addition, they provide custom dimensions whether you will want to use them on Facebook or Instagram. Post the images on your social media channels and ask a question to have your audiences comment to create engagement. Use hashtags to potentially expand your reach. Keep reading to learn more about hashtags.

Connect with new audiences with Hashtags

I posted a picture of Santa and me and looked at the insights on my Instagram post. Why I look at my insights? It showed me that about 16% of people who had viewed it were not following my account.

Adding hashtags to your posts might expose your account to audiences following that particular hashtag. For this specific post, I added local towns nearby to me. I often review my insights on my Business Account on Instagram to understand when to post and what time to post too.

I frequently engage on accounts using the hashtags that I follow. Moreover, I delegate about 5-10 minutes daily to scrolling through my Instagram feed to “like” or comment on these accounts. I often get new followers from this process. These accounts who check their alerts notice that I’m engaging with their posts and they choose if they want to follow me or not based on reading my bio and seeing my posts under my profile.

Bonus tip: I also always add locations to my Instagram posts and Stories to get new eye balls that are searching for a particular city or town (or hashtag) and it shows my content to people outside of my followers.

Final Comments

Other ideas to think about include featuring your product or service for New Year Resolutions right now and thinking already about Valentine’s Day. Early bird gets the worm.

Would you like to learn more? Why not connect with me for a coaching session?

Valentina - Photo Credit: Sweet Snaps by Tara Hodges
Valentina – Photo Credit: Sweet Snaps by Tara Hodges

Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA is an award winning young professional. She has a background in sales and has been using social media platforms professionally since 2009. Her experiences stem from years of staying current on the latest in industry news, handling customer objectives, and creating a solid social media marketing plan.


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