List of Podcast for Working at Home Social Media Moms

List of Top Podcasts for Working at Home Social Media Moms

List of Podcast for Working at Home Social Media Moms
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If you’re a Work at Home Mother (WAHM), Run your own Business from Home (and use Social Media for promotion), or are Social Media Consultant/Mom. I have a list of my top Podcasts for you! Two of these are strictly Social Media-related and one is focused on the Balancing Act of Being a Working Mother (they often interview Social Media/Marketing experts).

  1. Marketing Smarts Podcasts – this is a weekly podcast. Top Marketing Experts are interviewed from all over the Globe, I’m always inspired to follow their tips. I’m obsessed with this podcast, I’m always refreshing my iTunes Podcast stream Wednesday mornings for the latest interview. Hosted by Kerry O’Shea Gorgone (the one with the nice voice)
  2. The Marketing Companion – biweekly podcast, hosted with Tom Webster and Mark Schaefer. These thought provoking podcast episodes are hosted by two experts in the fields of marketing and research/data/numbers – enough said! These podcasts are unscripted, personable with a touch of humor. Detailed conversations about current social media topics, they aren’t afraid of “going there.”
  3. Finally, I’ve just discovered the Working Motherhood today, a daily podcast! I’ve listened to a few podcasts (so far) and they’ve included a mother who works in a Fortune 100 company and an Entrepreneur (with two sets of twins). I’ve written down a couple of tips, apps, and book recommendations that they use for juggling their busy lives as working moms.

All podcasts mentioned here are found on iTunes!


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