Why Local Brick and Mortar Business Should be on Instagram

In the past week I’ve taught 3 lessons or introductions to Instagram (IG) and had 2 local biz leads find me on IG. This is a HUGE platform that is full of engagement and new audience to market. Average number of IG pictures posted daily is 60 Million! (read more stats here).Think it’s just for kids? 25% of Fortune 500 companies are currently using IG!

Why your business needs to be on this platform (retailers, restaurants, services with tangible item):

@ValentinaEG Instagram Bio Page
@ValentinaEG Instagram Bio Page
  1. Find NEW audiences (who are obsessed and use #hashtags)
  2. Showcase your Work! Post your pictures about products, items, meals, recipes, behind the scenes pics, promos, happy customers 🙂 , reposts from others about your business (makes them feel special & gives them credit too)
  3. “Geotarget” your location! This provides directions to your location. (Did you move? Forgot to update your Google Page, which is what most of us use on our GPS to find you!)
  4. Overwhelmed with taking on another social media platform? Your IG posts can link to your Facebook and Twitter pages! Have a Facebook Business Page? It could go on there too (only for iPhone users for now)!

I’ve been using lots of tips and suggestions from Sue B Zimmerman, she’s calls herself the “InstagramGal“. Follow her (@SueBZimmerman) for the latest techniques, webinars, and updates! Also, if you’re a local – follow me too @ValentinaEG  (see my bio picture for details)

*I’ve not been paid to promote Sue B Zimmerman but if I get any more request for IG lessons from my clients, I might consider signing up for her various courses! 
Update (6/2/14) I attended this Webinar from Sue: 7 Ways to Make More Money for your Business with Instagram



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