This is usually the face people make when trying to generate content for their social media without planning.

How to finally generate content consistently for Social Media with a strategy and AI

The struggle is real with content. I have been in business for almost 12 years as a marketing consultant and creating content doesn’t come easily for most. I’m glad to share with you what I use to make this easier for myself and clients.

Calendars – it works!

You have to find a pocket of time where you can view your upcoming calendar for the next month. Where do you have some downtime? Is it once a week or biweekly? In that 20 minute window you need to view what are upcoming (National) holidays, your business events, or networking events and put it on your calendar.

Do you need to be a “zone” or a specific spot to be more creative and without distractions? I’m currently in a waiting room while my relative is getting an Endoscopy! I will be here for hours and I brought my laptop to plan out my next blog posts, follow up with prospects, and catch up with clients.

Do you need additional help? You can add reminders and to dos and share it with your team through a 3rd party online calendar. Who do you use to delegate creating your upcoming events, promoting them actively on social media, and finally actually taking pictures the day of? This is so crucial. You can’t do this all yourself, unless you are good at multitasking. I share how I personally help my clients with this step below.

If you are not creative, you can delegate to someone else (if low on time) or use tools to make your graphics look like you hired a professional. Make sure you have a plan for success and below are things that have worked for me.

Here are tools:

National Calendar Day




Do you have old posts and pictures? You can repurpose them for this year’s events. Look back and use them for this year. If you don’t, then you can use Canva mentioned above to create stunning visuals and make them stand out by using your logo or yourself in the image. There is a free and paid version for you to use.

Ask for content

I recently helped a client create a post promoting their yearly holiday event (participating in the city’s Christmas parade) and asked in the caption to ask customers to share their pictures as Stories on Instagram and tag my client. It worked! Not only did my client have a Story to share but it helps build rapport with their customers to see that they featured their picture as a Story.

I mentioned in my previous blog post that using AI has been so helpful to brainstorm ideas, develop potential social posts, and creating content for email newsletters. You can see more here.

Finally, hire someone like myself to be your “hype girl” where I can come to your business or virtually meet with you to come up with a strategy for your content marketing and even show up to your event to promote before and after and during to take pictures and video. I have done this for my clients for TV appearances, book launches, and ribbon cuttings.

Are you stuck on growing your business? I can help you understand and use marketing to help you grow your online presence. Reach out to me by contacting me with my info below.

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