3 tips to keep up with social media in the new year

3 Tips to keep up with social media in the New Year

Always stuck trying to find out what changes are occurring in the social media algorithm? Is that stopping you from creating content for your social media? Let me share with you what I personally do with my social media.

Be relevant

Stay up to date with the latest, I personally subscribe to newsletters from MarketingProfs, Mark Schaefer’s blog: Businesses Grow, and Social Media Today. I take it a step further by completing courses by companies mentioned above to keep my skills and tools fresh (i.e. 8 week long course on AI this past summer) and being active in online (private) communities such as in Discord. In addition, I am planning to attend a retreat/ intimate conference in April that includes 30 other top leaders in Marketing, I attended a similar one in the past and it led to this.

Content Wizard

Create content that caters to your audience. I start with three buyer personas and naming them too (Leslie, Caroline, and Blair). I think of three different types of people (i.e. Small business owner, corporate professional, stay at home parent launching a business/or someone launching a side hustle) and create posts using my almost 12 years of knowledge as a marketing consultant. I even think of them specifically as I create blog posts like this one or social media posts.

I create consistency by creating a workweek revolving with flow systems where I find the time to create AND post content. Where do you have a downtime or a place where your ideas come easy to you? Find the time to schedule your posts if you are limited on time and resources. Consistency is key! Maybe you can find something in your business that makes you go behind the scenes that requires little effort or maybe not having your exactly at the forefront of the video?


Be yourself. Every Wednesday, in the parking lot before I go into the building of my mastermind group, I create a video on Instagram Stories about what has happened in my week. If I really like the video or I get a lot of engagement, I share it to my other social media networks. I usually share a nugget of wisdom, a testimony, or new technology that is occurring on social media. Do you have anything to share with your community? Can you replicate this for your business?

I might be dealing with sinus infection, bad day, or just not wearing enough makeup – but I still do this activity each Wednesday. Your customers and tribe would appreciate your authenticity. If you are business or service requires people to know, like, AND trust you, this would be a great way to building rapport or to be top of mind.

These are just a few ideas to help you keep up with social media in the new year and most important, to be consistent. In fact, I asked ChatGPT for ideas to come up with this article and I added my insights and personal stories to answer problems small business face with social media changes and algorithms. Use these AI tools to help facilitate your process.

Are you stuck on growing your business? I can help you understand and use marketing to help you grow your online presence. Reach out to me by contacting me with my info below.

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