Tips that could help you promote your next event or presentation

Why you need a “hype girl” for your promotions and events for your small business

Got a big appearance such as presentation or tv/zoom/podcast appearance? Maybe just an event where you will be the host and you want the masses to attend. Here are some tips from my past week helping a client with their live tv segment that could help you.

Back story

I was with a new client at the tv station, I brought my tripod to record client to go on Instagram live to maximize their reach to their core audience. Then saved the video from the Live to post onto the newsfeed.

Hype girl definition

When I refer to being your “hype” girl, it means to assist you with your marketing needs and events by broadcasting for you & managing the live comments & reminding about you what to post on social media before/during/after your event.

Events 101

This is crucial because as I have said in the past 33% of folks will register your event way in advance, I’m looking at your “type-A” (type “Awesome) but 33% of the rest of the population will register the day before. You need to have a strategy to remind your audience way in advance, the day before, the day of, and of course a wrap up of how the event went by displaying a video or pictures (or both) afterwards to remind me to tune or join next time!

What do you want someone to say to others after they heard you speak or attended your event? (pause and think hard on this) “What would I like Valentina (or ____) to say to their friends/contact about my ___ or my event?

Your messaging

Finally I hold “your hand” to make sure you feel confident while you present to others by reminding you of your target audience & message to them!

Hope this helps? Let me know in the comments or reach out to my privately if you need a hype girl for your next presentation or event?

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