Key takeaways to promote YOUR Small Business in the 2021 Holiday Season

Key takeaways to promote YOUR Small Business in the 2021 Holiday Season

More than half of shoppers (51%) plan to start their shopping before Halloween in 2021 – that breaks down to 13% who said they would start as early as August, 27% who said they’d start before the end of September and 25% who said they’d begin in October. (Source:

That was my start to my Holiday Webinar that I completed at the end of September 2021 for the clients of TSBDC of Knoxville.

This picture was taken by one of the attendees and was posted onto her Instagram Stories when we all shared the “lightbulb moment.” Christopher’s Overlook is a sustainable, educational agritourism venue in Clinton, TN.

Here are a few of the key takeaways that I mentioned in my webinar.  

Upcoming Dates for your Marketing Promos:

November 11th – Veterans Day

November 25th – Thanksgiving

November 26th – Black Friday

November 27th – Small Business Saturday

November 29th – Cyber Monday

November 30th – Giving Tuesday 

December 4th –  Cookie Day (you doesn’t like to pair your products with cookies)

December 18th – National Ugly Sweater Day (great time to promote those gift cards)

December 21st – Winter Solstice

Why you need to test your deodorant by going Live in your channels

The trends keep backing up the use of video and going live on your platforms. It feels like QVC like videos or Home Shopping Network but directly through your own channels to your audience.

Here are stats that I found from Facebook’s 2021 NA Holiday Marketing Guide:

  • 71% of NA mega sale day shoppers agree they like to take part in shopping experiences that are entertaining
  • $25B in sales is expected to be generated from live-stream shopping events in the US by 2023 
  • 14% of surveyed NA holiday shoppers who have made an unexpected discover on social media discovered the item during a live shopping event.

Don’t forget to schedule in advance when you plan to go LIVE in your audience, post in your social media channels, have a script or bullet points of ideas of what to discuss.

Bonus points: if you have an employee or friend to help you “wave back” to individuals joining your Instagram Lives or to comment back since you will be too busy speaking. Save screen shots of those questions or comments for future content ideas or posts. Don’t forget to save those “lives” for IGTVs or Stories.

Did you miss my Instagram post about latest link button? Check it out here!

Don’t forget these small things before you start your holiday promos

Check your logo, cover photo, Call to Action button (blue button on Facebook or Link in Bio on Instagram), hours of operations, to make sure it is up to date or been changed for a holiday feel, be sure that if you choose the “send message” button as a CTA, that you check your apps (Business Suite) that you get those messages! (rant over)

Content ideas might mention the current shipping delays or shortage of supplies that could alter or affect holiday purchases. Also don’t forget to promote Gift Cards after a certain date in December or because of delays!

I didn’t get a chance to share other key takeaways such as nostalgia marketing, big trends for Gen Z, and using social media to push to in-store shopping.

Let me know if you would like for me to tell you more? If so, please connect with me to know how I can help you!

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