and tips to be effective!

Why LinkedIn should be your BFF for your business and tips to be effective!

There are 722 million LinkedIn Members (in the US). LinkedIn is the most trusted social network in the U.S.

73% of social media users at least somewhat agree that LinkedIn protects their privacy and data. Compare that to just 53% for Facebook.

SEO: How LinkedIn helps others find you

LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites & blogs. I am always telling business owners and professionals that when you are googled, your LinkedIn profile is probably the 2nd or 3rd item on Google Listings. You consider investing your time and energy into this platform.

LinkedIn helps you “break the ice” with others

“In fact, buyers are five times more likely to engage with someone who shares mutual connections.”

If you are a big mobile user on LinkedIn, then go to the profile, click “more” near the Connect button and click “personalize invite” to make it fuzzy (humanize your invite).

Take the time to start connecting with others you know, work with, inspire you. Do not sales pitch after connecting. Build a “relationship” by liking and commenting on that users posts. Take 5-10 minutes a day investing in your online relationships, especially on milestones such as notifications when that user has job promotion or new job.

What you should be doing consistently on LinkedIn

Your best buddies (BFFs) on LinkedIn are posting updates: pictures, videos, and “Write Article” where you can publish a mini blog article, this is a great way to repurpose your old blog posts.

LinkedIn likes when you keep users within their site. Start looking at your evergreen blog posts or most popular posts that you can reuse. I suggest reducing blog post (mini version of it) and add a call-to-action (CTA) at the bottom explaining in a paragraph or less about yourself in case it is seen by someone else outside of your audience. 

Videos: why you should use them to expand your reach

3 out of 4 executives watch work-related videos every week (Forbes)

More than 50% of customers want to see videos from brands (HubSpot)

59% prefer to watch a video on a topic rather than reading about it (Forbes)

Found more stats here from LinkedIn article labelled, “How to Wow Your Audience with LinkedIn Video and Live Streaming.”

Articles: your BFF to share your knowledge with others

I have done these mini blog posts called Articles (mentioned earlier) and they used to get better viewership and engagement when it first came out.

Regardless if they are getting traction or not. I would recommend to continue blogging within LinkedIn. It does make you a thought leader if someone find your work or researches you.

Tips include: Always have a CTA at the bottom, I mentioned this earlier but what action would you like the reader to do after they are done? Go to your site, book now, landing page, download an ebook to continue reading about your product or services?

I publish it and share the post about it and utilize hashtags to increase exposure to others outside of my audiences, that’s why I encourage you to have a paragraph of your bio at the bottom.

Parting words

I’ve been a LinkedIn member since June 20, 2008! This blog post was in response to a meeting I had with a client in Asheville (NC) about why she should be investing her time and energy into this platform. I have emailed her these tips that I have shared over the years in workshops and webinars.

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