Game changer: 2nd edition of Everybody Writes

Game changer: 2nd edition of Everybody Writes

I admit, I might have not been ready for the first edition of Everybody Writes by Ann Handley back in 2014. I read it and don’t remember much. Maybe because I had an almost two year old at the time and was expecting my second child? Since then, my writing style has changed and writing is getting easier for me. Maybe my business goals align with writing more content too and I see the value of putting my knowledge out there, it leads to more speaking gigs and consultations.

This new edition was truly 10% funnier (as mentioned on the cover of the book) and full of tools that not only motivate me to write (period) but be more intentional. I truly giggled and put so many bunny ears on this edition that I see myself referencing back to the strategies shared. Bonus: I feel less intimidated by AI (i.e. ChatGPT) because of her book and the things we can share as authors/content creators that humanize our work.

Here are a few chapters that stood out to me:

How to Keep a Daily Writing Ritual

Humor Comes on the Rewrite

Fifteen Ways to Organize

How to Write Funny

(…do we see a pattern? lol)

Your Brand Story: Tell the Story Only You Can Tell

Product Story: Make Your Customer the Hero

Credible Data

Cite as your Write

Writing Direct Response Email

Writing a Home Page

20 Things Marketers Write

Writing with Hashtags

Writing for LinkedIn

(lots of bunny ears in the Content Tools chapter)

I am writing this review for my site but I won this book (I believe) because I was signed up to attend the Shakeup B2B event by MarketingProfs.

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