Changing jobs after a couple of decades? Check this out to better market yourself online.

Changing jobs after a couple of decades? Check this out to better market yourself online.

A friend made a HUGE career change after a couple of decades of being in the same company. I really admired her tenacity to switch gears into another industry. That might sound super scary to some. This blog article is will provide a framework or checklist of ideas to make the transition easier. at least for your social media efforts! I’m looking at you my Gen X’ers and my Baby Boomers who have not retired yet!

Grow your knowledge and share it with others

If you are jumping into a new field, consider subscribing to newsletters of organizations and professional associations where you can learn more. You can follow these accounts on LinkedIn/Twitter and “reshare” their posts onto your status updates and provide a caption about what was insightful or a takeaway for you. Think: thought leader.

Bonus: Share your story of why you made the move to this role! We are all curious of your “why.”

Branding yourself right for the new role

If you still haven’t made the move into a new role or company, think about about brand? What do you want to be known for? What is your why? Mark Schaefer’s KNOWN book, was a game changer for me. Moreover, it gave me the tools to identify what are my strengths and the confidence into myself from my knowledge gained from the book to market them. It opened the doors to more speaking gigs.

April 2019 with Mark Schaefer
April 2019 with Mark Schaefer

I also completed his Branding online course, that is a great option if you like to hold accountability for yourself and be in a group class setting (online). Reach out to him to see when the next one is!

Sharpen your marketing tools

If you need to sharpen your toolset, consider reading the latest edition of The New Rules of Marketing & PR. I read the first edition back in 2007/2008 when I first got interested in Social Media Marketing. I am reading the latest edition and it provides so many case studies of various industries to keep the ideas flowing, I can’t put the book down. I will be providing a blog post soon with the tools and tips that stood out to me.

Invest in networking to better grow in your new role

Join a group to network or to get out of the office. I can’t tell you how many working professionals that I met often tell me that they don’t network. A great way to get new ideas or creativity is to met with new people. Great a break from your workday too, you come back to the office charged!

I am a member of Rotary International, Junior League, the Young Professionals group, and of my local Chamber of Commerce. This also opens the doors to collaborations/connections or people who help your new role be successful with new partnerships.

Toot your horn on your profile: it’s ok!

Finally, do not forget to update your social media channels to reflect the new role once you are ready to publicly announce it! This also includes adding a description of the last role on LinkedIn but include any final things to wrap up your accomplishments. You can display links, presentations (using Slideshare), pictures of awards; individually to your each of your past roles. Add keywords rich terms related to your industry. If someone where to Google you or search for you, what (key) words or phrases do you want to be found with?

Need to learn Instagram?

If your new job requires you to learn Instagram, you don’t want to miss my next Instagram workshop coming in to Johnson City in August. Visit my speaking engagement page to learn more or subscribe to my newsletter where you can see more insightful posts or articles and be sure to see my next speaking engagement.

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