Go to Checklist: Spring Cleaning Your Social Media

Go to Checklist: Spring Cleaning Your Social Media

I’m currently (mentally) closing my eyes as I type these words and envisioning a type-A person who is reading the title of this blog post and ready to take action on their social media. This lady or gentlemen lives by a checklist and is responsible for a big task: managing the social media for a company or organization. Without further ado, this is your check list to “Spring Clean” your social media!

Time to reconsider or updating your:

  • Profile Picture
  • Cover Photo
  • Call to Action (on Facebook, LinkedIn Company Page)
  • About Section (on Facebook Business Page, Bio on Twitter, etc)
  • Business Template on Facebook Business Page, click here for more details
  • Contact Information (double check the emails, phone numbers, address)
  • Hours of Operation (are they listed on Facebook Business Page)
  • Status Update (do you have them scheduled in advance?) There are tools to schedule them in advance
  • Pin to Top (this is a big one, when was it last updated? i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Page)
  • Custom Messages (for when your away, outside of hours of operation, etc – on Facebook)
  • Direct Messages (they are various Facebook Inboxes, have you checked them?)
  • Competitors’ Pages to Watch List (on Facebook, I’m not a big fan of seeing their updates but you can see it without them knowing)
  • Responding to Reviews (customer like to be acknowledged)
  • Insights (this is great to review for upcoming content/posts ideas)

Some of these items are more important to tackle on immediately vs others. One vital thing is to be using high quality pictures to tell the story of your business, I mentioned this in detail in a previous post.

Stuck on a specific point? Would you like to learn more? Why not connect with me for a coaching session?

get to know Valentina
get to know Valentina

Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA is an award winning young professional. She has a background in sales and has been using social media platforms professionally since 2009. Her experiences stem from years of staying current on the latest in Marketing.

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