Hold cover of Amazing Marketing Book

If you are a ___ then you should read Amazing Marketing Book!

I recently joined 35 authors from 10 countries around the world to develop a community led book called “The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever: More than 350 inspiring ideas.” This book is a perfect read for anyone, don’t believe me? Check this out:

Group picture of half of the co-authors of Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever. Photo Credit: Frank P or Laura Doman
Book Ever. Photo Credit: Frank P or Laura Doman

If you are a New or Small Business Owner, then read “Unleash your Marketing Strategy” by Samantha Stone (Chapter one).

If you are an individual who are facing change in industry or job role, then read “How to Build an Exceptional Brand” by David Bisek (Chapter five)

Also if you are a:

  • Baby Boomers who are seeking new job opportunities
  • Gen X’ers/Millennials who need to get up to speed on Social Media for job role or business
  • Gen Z’s who have never managed business pages & need a quick run through of what the back end features are.

Then read Part Two and Three which includes multiple chapters individually discussing Content Strategy and Social Media.

If are you trying to level up your marketing standards (Direct Mail, Email Marketing, SEO, WOMM, and more) and you are a:

  • Nonprofit professionals trying to engage with their audiences
  • MarCom Professional who needs to tune up their digital marketing skills

Read those chapters which include 21-28.

Finally, if you are a:

  • Management or Corporate exec requiring basic knowledge of social media to manage employee performance
  • Trying to relevant as a marketer

Then read the section, Part Five titled: “What’s Next” which includes The Magic of Personal Brand, Marketing in the Metaverse, Web3, Marketing AI, and Inclusive Marketing.

To follow all of these authors on LinkedIn: visit this page!

To grab a copy of the book in Kindle, Paperback, Audible, visit this page!

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Hold cover of Amazing Marketing Book
Holding cover of Amazing Marketing Book

Last week, I helped a client who has been in an online group for 8 months and paid hundreds to join and she said she got more in 15 minutes with me since joining that online group that teaches you social media! Reach out to me if you are stuck and not growing your marketing efforts.

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