Happy 10th Business Anniversary!

What I learned these past 10 years in Business, my favorite tips

Thank you for supporting me these past 10 years, here is a quick list of my fav tips:

  • Sending Thank You Cards – You don’t know how much a simple handwritten note has helped expand my business. You don’t know what someone is going through, people still appreciate the gesture.
  • Networking – Showing up, even though you might not know anyone, just doing it, I “auto invite” myself to so many events
  • Meeting one person – when networking, don’t try to connect with many, really plan on getting to know just one or two people is my goal
  • Consistency – Find a way to write down goals, look at them daily, move them around, schedule your social media, develop a habit that makes things happen!
  • Hire – last week a client had me teach their spouse and parent the latest Instagram tips. Sometimes you need a buffer (myself) to teach others in your team (especially if they are related to you)
  • Be authentic, if you don’t like the idea of doing an Instagram Reel, own it and just do something else, like a video? Do what makes sense to you!
  • Join a group: whether it is a Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International, a local networking group, box subscription service, build a community and gather (consistently). Later connect with them on LinkedIn and customize that invite request note. Grow that network!
  • Learn – join an association, read newsletters, follow people that inspire you! Always learn so you can grow! I am on the team of Sparkle Hustle Grow and I learn each month with the box subscription and community.
  • Send Chocolates, I personally love Bellafina Chocolates because 100% of proceeds benefit children charities (plus my logo is edible & very yummy on a moonshine truffle)

Thanks to everyone who has supported my business these past 10 years! Here’s to 10 more years!

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