If I had a meeting with a hospital marketer, this is what I would throw at them.

If I had a meeting with a hospital marketer, this is what I would throw at them.

I am not a legal expert. I would review the social media policies set for your company/organization before starting any of these suggestions mentioned in my blog post below.

Hospital Marketers, this blog post is especially dedicated to you! I was reading the 8th Edition of The New Rules of Marketing & PR and this quote is stood out to me:

80% of Internet users look up health information online. More than 3/4 people use the web to make healthcare decisions! Yet 64% of hospital marketing departments devote less than 25% of their marketing budgets to interactive content. Even more telling is how hospital marketers spend their time: 83% of hospitals devote less than 30 percent of staff time to interactive media.

“Data from recent National Healthcare Marketing Summit”

AI: to help your life as a marketer be easier!

What questions are your patients asking? How can you word content in a fun way, more conversational less formal tone? Have you tried AI to help you? In the book, I discovered Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute and it helps “to write better emails and headlines,” they offer free info for new learners. In addition, IBM’s Watson Personality Insights “predicts customer needs, values, and personality characteristics based on written text.” Finally, there is a AI tool called Lately.ai to find out what social media posts are more effective based on past blog posts, podcasts, etc.

You still need a human (marketer) to review all these AI tools to ensure success before implementation.

Events: yes, not just virtual but in-person too

I wasn’t originally going to blog about events but I just heard the Marketing Smarts podcast and the impact events are generating. In fact:

27 engagements or interactions were needed before someone became a customer. In 2020, it was 19. I think it was 15 in 2019. It’s only going up. If you think about an event, an event you could have a few engagements before the event, during the event, and post-event. Right there, you might have five, six, seven interactions, engagements with a buyer all because of you doing an event, big event or small event.

Marketing Smarts Podcast episode

According to this episode: for online events you need a great host and dynamic mini segments. Think quick five minute segments and getting the audience involved too between presenters.

For in-person events, this is what stood out for me from the guest on the podcast: “Why would someone sign up, show up, and participate? The ultimate why, by the way, is why would they recommend this event after the fact?”

How can you inform, educate, or entertain your audiences (prospects, current clients/patients, etc) with your event? How do you want them feeling about brand afterwards?


Does your organization partner with another non-profit? Do you review your check-ins?

“…you should be doing 85% sharing and engaging, 10% publishing original content, and only 5% or less writing about what you are trying to promote”

-David Meerman Scott

I have mentioned this for years: take the time to scroll through your feed and engage with others. It might be a nonprofit or organization you are partnering with, community events by the town you are in, or festivals or even the media (reporters who feature your organization).

If you reach out to me, I can share more insights and tips that I have been reading in this awesome book and from this podcast episode where I rewinded so many portions. I wanted to keep this blog post brief with quick steps to learn more about my audiences working in the hospital industry.

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