Valentina's Favorite Podcasts

Valentina’s Favorite Podcasts

As I am getting closer to celebrating my 10th Business Anniversary (actually 10 days away). I often get asked for podcast recommendations.

Below is a list of podcasts that cater to my niche which includes marketing, business, female entrepreneurship (a different kind of entrepreneurship) and serviced based business:


The Marketing Companion Podcast with Mark Schaefer – I remember I was running on a treadmill in my garage (which I really don’t enjoy doing but I love eating cookies) and it was in the 30s and I was freezing but I later forgot about the cold because I was in a trance listening to his episode with Martin Lindstrom talking about Why brand building depends on the imbalances in people’s lives. I have been a fan of this podcast for several years.

If you are a marketer and need to keep your tools and skills sharp, I have also been a huge fan for years of the Marketing Smarts podcast.


If you are a service based business, I really enjoy listening to operations guru, Amy Lockrin in her Frazzled to Focused podcast where she gives quick tips and has insightful convos with gurus in their own field to optimize your service based business.

Female Entrepreneurship

I was like everyone else devouring podcasts during the 2020 pandemic and I discovered Ali Brown and her Glambition Radio podcast and I am a huge fan of the “elevated” conversations she is having about being an entrepreneur and coaching 7-8 figure women. Plus she is a mother of children the same age range as me so I appreciate her perspective.

If you are low on time and love “food for though” moments or perspective for your business, you should check out the The Kelly Roach Show, it used to be called the Unstoppable Podcast, she offers tips and interviews people in 20 minutes or less.

Good for the Soul/Variety Show

A few of you might know that I have a side-gig, actually a side “purpose” gig where I sell fair trade jewelry. The co-founder of Noonday Collection (you can not unsee those hand crafted pieces) has a podcast called, the Going Scared podcast. As an ambassador for Noonday Collection, I enjoy getting to know the founder and the insightful people she features.

This list is just a checklist and a start. Let me know and reach out to me if you have any questions?

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