Facebook Boost Your Business 2015 in Nashville Collage, with Mari Smith

Part Two: Facebook Boost your Business how Businesses in Nashville Manage their Paids Ads

Small Business Owner? Interested how other Business Owners {in Nashville} are managing their Facebook and their Posts (Paid Ads), successfully?

I recently attended Facebook’s Boost Your Business 2015 Event in Nashville, as part one of four held nationally. This blog entry is part 2 of 3, see Part One (my notes from Jonathan Czaja, Director of Small Business for Facebook)

Disclosure: I paid to attend this conference and I was NOT told to blog about this event. I really enjoyed how the folks treated me and know my clients would learn a great deal.

Facebook Boost Your Business 2015 in Nashville Collage, with Mari Smith
Facebook Boost Your Business 2015 in Nashville Collage, with Mari Smith

I’ll be sharing my notes from a panel discussion including panel leader, Mari Smith (aka Facebook Guru) and the panel comprised of marketers and small business owners from Nashville.

I recommend following the panel’s Facebook Pages, they included:

Peach Truck – Farm to Porch- National delivery of fresh peaches from GA

Fire Pit Art – a husband and wife business

Carpe Diem Management – Branding/Communications — Nancy A. VanReece

Parachute Media – Social Media Consulting

Why??? Read these great stats below!

Peach Truck:

  • grew 100% since last year
  • pulled email list, lookalike audiences
  • double in sales from last year

Parachute Media client, includes:

Edley’s BBQ, here’s what they did on Facebook and why you should rethink your current plan:

Correlate to have leads to come to their restaurant — here’s how they found out it ALL from their Facebook efforts…..

Strategy — market only via Facebook for Saturday Brunch (3 weeks only was the initial time frame)

4/5 ads sets

16,000 fans


  • Friends of Fans
  • By zip code
  • Age ranges

Note: “Like” Titans vs Memphis Grizzles (where the actual fans were liking). If you’re in NE Tennessee where I reside, it might be UT vs ETSU

Secret: Getting of bunch of shares helps!

Results: Line out of the door at 8 am

FYI — Not using radio but only FB to market!

Fire Pit Art:

(client includes Vancover Winter Olympics – globe pic from their coverphoto)

-sell to end users & predominately through distributors

-B2B mostly

-How they got Started: Yard caught on fire when they bough a store bought firepit

-use FB for brand loyality (to create convo between dealers not so much about promoting their items)

-Use Direct Message feature for general questions (like shipping to Intl’t area)

Nancy Van Reece

One of her clients include a Mango/Advocado shipping company, she uses storytelling such as :

-video how to cut a mango into cubes (most folks here in NE TN don’t know how to open it)

-Salsa recipes! (since tomatoes, mangos are both in season at the same time)

She quoted Brian Solis – ROI means return on influence

Mari Smith added the sharebility factor: how your fans desire what you share with their audience because the content is amazing

If you’re in Real Estate – collaboration with landscape company. Collaboration is huge in Nashville (partnership)!

Ryan from Parachute Media was asked –when it comes to {marketing} to healthcare, auto, financial industry: how to cater to difference audiences?

A: content area to a lifestyle for example in the insurance industry. i.e. Sponsor a concert series (having their leads go to their website to enter to win the concert ticket contest, having an affinity, content for a specific audience by entering their info (their interests), retargeting based on what they want and could offer.

**Quality/relevant content from blog to make a facebook post, then “boost” (create a paid ad).

Steven from Peach Truck was asked on how they market on Facebook on which Farmers Market they’ll be?

They attend 108 Markets for three months

½ of sales Facebook is responsible

  • Status update/then boost the post
  • 1 in 7 people are on Facebook
  • The criteria that they use is (i.e.) 18+, Women, Country Living Magazine fans
  • They usually get 300 shares when they post
  • They also target zip codes
  • 85% of fans on Facebook are women (check your FB insights to see what works)

NOW their Instagram strategy includes:

Produce recipe for website, adding value makes people come to booth

  1. It’s also a younger audience
  2. It includes a well crafted photo of pinic table with peaches


Donna from Fire Pit Arts

  • Increase sales end audience, they make posts based on by theme (i.e. “beachy” items)
  • They target these folks if they live on the coast, are into yachts or scuba, & distributors

Nancy mentioned that she had a client that is a professional speaker, she wanted to reach only Senior VPs of 5 Banks, you could go to LinkedIn and reach them that way or you can create a post like future relevant content on their newsfeed (like an article written by this professional speaker) and another one to show in their feed the next day, within 48 hours had one of them reach out to her.

If you don’t understand Facebook Ads, Paid Ones or Boosted ones. I can help you and your business understand them and target your audience (not just the masses but potential leads)! I also personally manage social media for my clients, or teach their employees/staff optimization strategies, I also offer one-on-one training for professionals who call themselves “dinosaurs” to stay up-to-date in their careers.

Call 855-880-5082 or email at Valentina@Beyond-Engagement.com.

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