Picture from Facebook Boost your Business Event Held in Nashville, TN

Part 3: Facebook Boost your Business Event – How to Drive In-Store Sales through Targeting and using an Effective Content Strategy

Have a Brick and Mortar Store? Interested increasing traffic to your store? Do you struggle creating content for your business? You’re in luck. I’m sharing my notes from Facebook’s own event, Boost your Business, these tips will include targeting your audiences and coming up with content.

This blog entry is part 2 of 3, see Part One (my notes from Jonathan Czaja, Director of Small Business for Facebook) Part 2 includes Facebook Case Studies from Businesses based out of Nashville, see Part Two.

Disclosure: I paid to attend this conference and I was NOT told to blog about this event. I really enjoyed how the folks treated me and know my clients would learn a great deal.

In-Store Sales - Photo from Facebook Boost your Business Event held in Nashville, TN
In-Store Sales – Photo from Facebook Boost your Business Event held in Nashville, TN
Driving In-Store Sales

Track one breakout session: Targeting and Solutions Overview

80% of people in the US in FB are connected to at least one biz

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure you update your biz name, phone, website
  • Download the Pages Managers App on your phone
  • Promote (go to right side of your page) your Ad from your FB page
  • Promote your local Biz …or
  • Promote your Page
  • To “amplify your delivery”
  • For example a Chiropractor could post a “Workout Wednesday” video (i.e. show great workouts safe from injuries that are common or fans that haven’t gotten an alignment for a while, the presenter was giving this content idea to Dunn Chiropractor based out of Nashville – DunnwithPain.com )


Native targeting –

  • discusses Location (i.e. city/zip code)
  • Demographic (relationship status, like engaged couples for wedding industry businesses)
  • Interests like (baseball fans)

Advanced Targetting

-Custom audiences (people who have already “liked” your pages)

Lookalike audiences (presenters favorite) – pg. 16 she used Nest Interiors (here in Johnson City, TN) as a example from the audience present

Promote –

Choose the right objectives, such as:

-reach people nearby (your business)

-raise attendance at your event

-get people to claim your offer

-get video views

(you can get free stock photos too! – fb.me/localads)

Discount & offers

-Get offers

-Get their email to redeem (click and took action – track that)

Get video views:

50% of people on Facebook a video every day, 4B video views/a day



Reach and impressions matter….. over 99% never clicked on ad when they made a purchase

Go to facebook.com/business for details


Final Breakout session — “Content Strategy with Facebook Creative Shop”

Since the beginning of time until 2003, 5 billion gigabytes

Now it occurs every 10 minutes!!!

Guess what?

Its tough to stand out!

Feed —-

1.4B people on Facebook


Using Story, Imagery. And voice/copy

Story – 22% more likely to remember a story vs a data point

Voice/Copy –  you could be funny, witty, or informative

How do Bring Brands do it? (see breakdown of each below)

  • The Brief
  • Ideas
  • Resources
  • Assets
  • Build & Approve

(same way we do for small business)

Ideas – common color and feel

Resources – i.e. ask local folk for pictures, featured on Apple (they asked the public for it)

Talent – use what is around you!

Assets – items on menu (i.e. for your restaurant)

Set up (what does it looks, products that you are using, i.e. Spa — products used at Spa)

How to Create an Ad - Photo from Facebook Boost your Business Event held in Nashville, TN
How to Create an Ad – Photo from Facebook Boost your Business Event held in Nashville, TN (picture is blurry, whoops)

Let’s get started ….

Make an Ad

Pick Image

Write a copy

& above all, be relevant!


  1. Make an ad:

-Drive traffic (i.e. 30% off sale)

– Sell a product (description, in detail)

-Build brand awareness (i.e. cofounders are moms too)

  1. Chose your ad type

(link ads) — Call-to-Action button, examples:

Learn more – “reverse sun damage”

Book Now – “welcome back your best skin”

Show Now – a Specific Product

Carousel Ads – stroll sideways , do a color theme

Video ads:

3 second audition

Be interesting for 3 secs to make them stop what they are doing right now

2 – use text overlog

3- determine audiences

Ideas include:


-older clients (use burger) vs young clients (promote cocktails)

one audience member suggested that company cater an ad: cocktails for that busy mom! LOL

4 – pick a topic:

people, special, menu

-service industry (show expertise: share an article, best practices)

select imagery

5- subject & composition (share a theme)

6.- quality imagery

smart phones, lighting, filter apps

try to IG consistent on all platforms, if sharing to all,

don’t use clip art, out of focus picture, & no flyers (it’s not authentic)

write your copy

  1. choose a tone (i.e. restaurants)

-high end (critic reviews from a restaurant)

-family friend

-sports bar (sports team)

  1. stick to what is important

-too long (don’t be)

-just right (just mention important details only)

-be relevant


include neighborhood activities

-local offers

Story Pack (ideas for different industries):

Restaurants — 

Idea include:


Employees, menu, news event (a concert outside)


Story pack:

Retail –—

Include include:

Who is your shopper?

Hows the neighborhood (concert?)

Thing, statement piece

More info, visit:

Facebook.com/business/a/creative –tools

If you don’t understand Facebook Ads, Paid Ones or Boosted ones. I can help you and your business understand them and target your audience (not just the masses but potential leads)! I also personally manage social media for my clients, or teach their employees/staff optimization strategies, I also offer one-on-one training for professionals who call themselves “dinosaurs” to stay up-to-date in their careers.

Call 855-880-5082 or email at Valentina@Beyond-Engagement.com.


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