Moderating a panel about the different metaverses

Moderated panel on the Metaverse discussing Metaverse

The highlight of my week was moderating a panel on the Metaverse discussing the different kinds of “metaverse” environments. 
The panel included:
Joeri Billast (in Belgium) discussing Room3D (which got a lot of the small business owners in the room excited because it would be great to have meetings in. It kind of reminds me of Zoom but more enhanced.
Fiona Lucas (in Australia) telling us more about Decentraland. The fashionistas would love this place!
Spencer Crandall (and his children) educating us on Minecraft & Roblox – this was so informative to hear them ages 11 and 13 years old and how they use it, the companies that are on it, and what they would like more of. Hint: Lego!
Zack Seipert telling us more about how fun Fortnite is. Maybe one day I will attempt to see what the hype is but I think I would end up losing within a minute.
Brian Piper really making us more curious about Labster the possibilities of how this can impact teaching and learning for the future (through virtual labs). Definitely got my science mind excited.
Special thanks for Frank Prendergast for setting this room up. He did a dry run with me last Friday to see if I can play this awesome video that he made.
Below is myself in pink.

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