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Facebook Crash Course for Organizations: Biggest Takeaways

I did something I rarely do, I volunteered my time on a Sunday to give a crash course for a local nonprofit catered to women. The intention was to get the other board members up to speed on Facebook so the executive director she wouldn’t be doing it all herself when it comes to Facebook.

Does that sound familiar to you? Are you handling it all? Any small business or nonprofit organization can takeaway from these suggestions that I offered to them on their Facebook Page, please keep reading below.

Delegate: Get Your Admins Working

Usually when I consult with a nonprofit organization, I only see one main Facebook admin. Just one person. Probably (also assuming they are) overwhelmed with not only providing the content but also the visuals and scheduling them all out.

It is time to delegate. Create a Marketing Committee. Find out each person’s strength in your Board or Committee. Also determine if their tone is educative, informative, or entertaining. This spices things up with what you are currently doing, content wise. Who doesn’t like spice?

How do you want to be perceived by your followers/fans? Have you identified what causes your fans to engage with your content? I’d recommend taking a look at your insights on Facebook to determine what posts get more traction or engagement. If you see something that worked well. Try to replicate it. It’s time to get in front of the camera or video and humanize your organization. More on that later.

Did you identify someone in your committee that pushes others? Then that person should be delegated to the Motivational Monday or Wednesday Wisdom posts! The theme is to look into the strengths of each person in your committee and make sure you create content that resonates with them and your audience.

What about that person on the Board who likes to find sponsors or donors? Then allot a time per week to determine a Fundraising Friday theme for the month. It might vary depending on upcoming campaigns or items needed for your cause throughout the year.


If you take the time to acknowledge reviews from others on your Facebook Page or on another platform, it really humanizes your brand. This stat below sums it all up:

“50 percent of heavy social media users thought it was important to receive recognition from friends online. But more than 60 percent said it was important to be recognized by a favorite brand online.” – Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins by Mark Schaefer, pg. 87

Using Personas for more than Content Ideas, Sell your Cause

If you are still struggling with contents ideas after delegating social media posts to others. Consider your personas, or the folks most likely to give to your cause.

Is there a specific donor or company, or even sponsor that you seem to have more of? Think about creating posts that might be more catered to them.

Depending on the type of service you provide, you might want to reach out to businesses using or partnering with that product. Start “liking” their Facebook Pages as your organization, that way you stay top of mind vs sales pitching whenever you approach them.

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Finally, are you stuck on a specific social media platform? Why not connect with me for a coaching session? Or see my list of Public Speaking Engagements for Bootcamps and Workshops.

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