What I told a pair of baby boomers moving to this side of the country and launching a new venture

What I told a pair of baby boomers moving to this side of the country and launching a new venture

I was in the middle of celebrating my wedding anniversary dinner. I hadn’t been to my favorite restaurant in over two years. While enjoying a delicious meal, I starting talking with a couple in the table next to us who just moved nearby/across the mountain from the West Coast.

Patatas Bavas in Curate (in Asheville, NC)

We’re seeing such an influx of folks moving to the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas since the pandemic. I posted a while back about that 10,000 baby boomers retire on a daily basis. If they all knew about my marketing services, even just locally, I probably wouldn’t be able to find the time to blog my thoughts and would be helping them around the clock.

Baby Boomers are busy getting into new projects

Since so many of these baby boomers are retiring, shifting careers, or launching a venture, they need guidance in social media marketing. Not only because so many of them are moving to a brand new location but investing their resources into a new industry that they didn’t spend their decades long career doing.

So many resources for them

I shared with this couple just a bit about (see hyperlinks to past articles relating to) LinkedIn, Instagram, and even promoting themselves now during the holiday season.

I left my dinner with my tummy full but my spirit in high hopes because I left them with resources about local favs and “food for thought” about how to market themselves and their business once they were settled in to their new location. We even exchanged contact info. I later received a sweet text from them that evening.

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