Businesses: Be More Human

Businesses: Be More Human

If you missed this 45-minute presentation by best-selling author- Mark Schaefer this past week, I have something for you. Here is the last minute (see video below) of him discussing his latest book, Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins, which is loaded with strategies and steps that brands can reach with consumers.

Summary of Mark

In addition, here are a few stats from his book:

– 2/3 of the touchpoints during the evaluation phase of a purchase involved human-driven marketing activities
– 58% of adults don’t trust a brand until they’ve seen “real-word proof” that it has kept its promises
– Several studies show that 80% of content on a B2B website is never seen
– Just 13% of your customers can be considered loyal

Here are a few things people said after hearing him speak that you might find useful:

Photo Credit: Laura Beth Photography

“Based on Mark’s presentation, I am determined to make my clients the heroes of the story and to make sure every experience with me makes them feel confident, respected, and empowered.” – Angie Hyche, Owner, Shipshape Solutions

“My biggest takeaway is that customers need an emotional reaction to a human, not a product. I think deep down most of us recognize this but we fall into what is comfortable in advertising. Showing emotion is hard – and sometimes risky. But, if we want to continue to grow, we have to connect to the people we are serving.” – Leslie Blevins, PR and Communications Manager, Bristol Tennessee Essential Services

Mark emphasized an important point for me: Let your customer be the hero, and let them be the marketer for you. It isn’t about me telling my story. It is about THEM being able to tell THEIR stories. My job is to make my brand a meaningful part of the stories they want to tell. – Barry Myers, Corporate Marketing Manager, Strongwell

Photo Credit: Laura Beth Davidson Photography

“I would say my biggest takeaway is confirmation that we are building the business in the right direction. Our passion is the people that we work for.” Tom Thompson, Owner, Captain’s Log Web Design LLC

“Customers want an emotional connection to a human, not a product.” – Callie Wagner, Marketing Communications, TrinSoft

To learn more, see my Book Review of Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins by Mark W. Schaefer

Visit Mark Schaefer’s Website, BusinessesGrow.

Valentina with Mark Schaefer, holding a Cucumber and Grit soap bar (case study featured in his book, Marketing Rebellion) – Photo Credit: Laura Beth Photography

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