Beyond Engagement - Social Media Solution celebrating three years in Business

Top 3 Tips Learned from Owning a Social Media Business (in the Tri-Cities)

Beyond Engagement - Social Media Solutions celebrating three years in Business
Beyond Engagement – Social Media Solutions celebrating three years in Business, founded by M Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA

Hope this post inspires others and helps you understand what I’m really made of. The end of January marks three years since I started my Social Media Consulting business in the South. Imagine this, I’m brand new to the area from Florida (from Miami originally) and just finished completing my MBA degree. I didn’t know anything about the Tri-Cities or the culture. But, I did know that folks are always search for businesses through Social Media and that is happening everywhere all over America. They are search for: What are businesses saying? Can I relate to them? Promos? What your competitor is doing?

Here are my tips:

-Don’t underestimate the value of sending a handwritten “Thank You” Card! It has led to speaking opportunities, clients, and exposure to new folks. Usually I engage with these individuals first on Social Media, build rapport to create engagement (what do they eat, do they have kids, what sports team) that leads to a Face to Face interaction (or referral for someone else).  Anytime I meet with anyone, I send them a note by mail (not email) and I go overboard during the Holidays with cards. I write down (a mental) note about the tiniest detail about them. It makes anyone feel “special” to be remembered! (Building rapport: I do this for clients, when they ask me to manage their social media for them to engage with their audiences)

It’s Not What You Know but Who You Know that Knows What You do! Doing all the Social Media engagement in the world, will not lead you to a client unless those people actually physically have met you or know you (at least, here in the South). It takes dozen of interactions to get the attention of someone who can be a lead. Virtually that comes from tweets, “regrams,” comments, etc.  I have attended countless local networking functions. A past client once said he kept seeing me everywhere before deciding to meet with me. I’ve done it all ….like attending local Chamber(s) Of Commerce events, Business Groups, Nonprofit Charities, Women-Only, even a Minority group event (that I’m not even consider one of). Can’t tell you how many times I’ve met with professionals that wanted to “chat” (get to know me/build trust) at coffee shops or Panera Bread (I won’t step in there on my “day off”  without makeup). Once I explain what I do (in simple terms) or my contribution to the nonprofit world then it adds credibility and they can sell my services to their management or others. (They must know what I do after all if they want to buy from me!)

If you’re not going to do it right, don’t do it at all! People like individuals that are honest and they can trust. I don’t say “yes” to everything because if I know I won’t be able to deliver, it’ll make me look bad. If I sign up for too much, it affects the quality of my work over time. I prioritize my responsibilities and projects. Reputation is everything! I always say that since I have a funny name and funny face, I have to do things right since people remember me (years later).

We can help your business (of one or more) in many ways! We personally manage social media for our clients, or we teach their employees/staff optimization strategies, we also offer one-on-one training for professionals who call themselves “dinosaurs” to stay up-to-date in their careers.

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