Bellafina Chocolates workshop elf (Valentina)

Assisting Another Small Business During the Holidays to Make an Impact for Yourself

Bellafina Chocolates workshop "Elf" (Valentina make truffles to support local children charities)
Bellafina Chocolates workshop “Elf” (Valentina making truffles to support local children charities) Photo Credit: Brenda Barnicki

In this Holiday season, why not work for something greater than yourself, and use another small business to do it? (Making an Impact in your Community too)

Bellafina Chocolates Artisan Truffles
Bellafina Chocolates Artisan Truffles (Photo Credit: Brenda Barnicki)

Enter Bellafina Chocolates: “all net proceeds, after covering expenses, are dedicated to charities helping children threatened by disease, poverty, abuse, or neglect.”

Disclosure: I didn’t really like chocolate like most women do until I tried Bellafina Chocolates. Specifically their Moonshine Truffles. I don’t drink alcohol, much less Moonshine but I’m in Tennessee after all.
The owner, Brenda Barnicki, captured my attention after winning the local KOSBE Award (the longest running and most recognized small business-focused awards program in the Tri-Cities) the same year I was a contender in the same category as her.
Moreover, since 2012 she has dedicated herself full time to making truffles after rising pretty high up the corporate ladder in a Fortune 500 Company and making Chocolates on the side.

Isn’t that pretty neat? Supporting another female business owner (mompreneur/solopreneur) who has a passion for helping local children charities in the community!

Valentina making Bellafina Truffles
Valentina making Bellafina Truffles (Photo Credit: Brenda Barnicki)

I rarely get a chance to work with my hands. But that day I assisted in the creation of 1200 truffles! Why  did I do it? (not for samples, I had a bad headache that morning)

  1. I wanted to give back to the community. (I usually volunteer an hour of my time consulting with a nonprofit org/month)
  2. Needed some “me” time that didn’t include social media
  3. Opportunity to learn something new (like truffles)
  4.  Obtained an Inspirational post to blog about
  5. Hanging out with other volunteers (women) and learning their tips about “Life”

Hope this post inspires to donate your time and to help another small business in need for the holidays! Moreover, hope it becomes a new resolution for the upcoming New Year!

Bellafina Chocolates
Bellafina Chocolates (Photo Credit: Brenda Barnicki)

Learn more about what Bellafina Chocolates can offer to your Business (like logos on top of Truffles, see side picture), read more: 2014 Bellafina Chocolates company profile!

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