Social Selling and Why You Should Care

Social Selling and Why You Should Care

“According to the Corporate Executive Board, 57% of the buying process is complete before talking to sales. Consumers are also 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals.”
Social Selling and Why You Should Care
Social Selling and Why You Should Care

I’m a consultant that uses Social Media to help my clients get update to date with the latest, increase visibility with their audiences, and create engagement that could increase sales. Educating them on the importance on Social Media requires consistency. The struggle is learning how to sell in an ever-changing online world.

Luckily, I recently attended a fabulous webcast by Jill Rowley (known for “ABCs of Social Selling = Always Be Connecting”) on the “Why, What, and How to Do Social Selling” on Business 2 Community. Below are a few tips, stats, and my thoughts on what you need to know about Social Selling. 

Why you should really care about Social Selling (quotes from this webcast):

“92 % of B2B Buyers start search online”

“Only 33% of buyers trust what a logo tells them… but 92% trust what another buyer tells them!”

“Social Selling is using Social Networks to do Research to be relevant to build relationships that drive revenue” (read that slowly again)

The takeaways (quick to work on too):

-Seriously…Update your profiles on all social media

  • Personalize: add a picture (::cheese::)
  • Update your info (didn’t you work on a new project, start a new service/product, or work with a nonprofit?)
  • Add links like articles you’ve written about your industry, share OPC (other people’s content)
  • Be consistent
 —- I finished the webcast motivated to change my LinkedIn profile and add articles that I’m passionate about like Social Media and Selling, Women in Business, Hispanic Marketing, and Millennials in the Workforce onto my personal profile. There’s value in spending time (weekly) updating this info! Be an influencer in your community! (it could lead to more revenue in the long run)

Twitter is a tool to search. It’s used for research and “listening” to conversations. I personally use (must be logged in) to see what people have mentioned in related keywords (like your business name, products, etc).

I also learned coffee (meetings) is for connectors not closers. Tweet: I also learned coffee (meetings) is for connectors not closers. Read more:

Finally, do you agree with Jill that we shouldn’t think “prospects” but instead “future advocates”?

Read more HERE about my thoughts on Social Media and Selling (I included a tip from Jill in this blog article too)

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BONUS: She started her webcast with this video:

#Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman


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