Why being a dancer made me a better marketer

One of my goals when I living in the Johnson City, TN area was being selected a (nonprofessional) dancer for the local fundraising event, Dancing with the Tri-Cities Stars. It’s a fundraiser for Jeremiah School, “a therapeutic day school for children in this area with neurological delays in relating and communicating, including autism. ”

Photo Credit: Aundrea Salyer

After years of asking around, nudging past dancers, and even attending another dancer’s practice and staying around to help the dance professional with a Facebook question. I finally was asked to be a dancer! (that’s a whole other blog post, the value of following up and persistence)

What I learned:

Practice. We initially learned the foundation or basic dance moves. As a marketer, understanding the terminology and concepts before application. I’m always trying to read latest social media today or marketingprofs newsletter and apply what I learned with clients and my own business.

Researching. I needed to find the right song for my selected dances (salsa and cha cha) and that required hearing old songs and learning about new artists. I subscribe to several marketing podcasts (Marketing Companion & Marketing Smarts) and these educate me on old applications that are evergreen and new practices (or marketing related courses) that I add to my tools sets for my marketing consultation business.

Timing. If you miss a beat, you are off time. That takes away from your points with judges. The same thing can be said about marketing. You have to know your market, your audience, your industry to choose the right time for a launch, promotion, or even just a social media post.

Being authentic. Back to the song selection for my two dances, I had to find something that was me. I chose songs that I grew up listening to as a kid in Miami, FL that reminded me of my hertiage or upbringing.

It wasn’t going to be a one hit wonder or something that is playing on the radio right now (well, Black Magic Woman still does in the Classic Rock Station) Everyone is trying to fit in their channels, why do something that isn’t you just to check a box? (that’s doing Instagram Reels for me)

Consistency. Showing up to practice regardless of life, holidays, or family. Going to practice and being there, each time.

Same thing for your business and marketing: when you are not feeling thrilled but you still attend networking events (to expand your audience or be top of mind), post on a regular schedule regardless of what is occurring in your life (personally), etc.

Photo Credit: Nathan Mays Photography

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