Branding and SEO Tools: Why Adding these skill sets matter

Branding and SEO Tools: Why Adding these skill sets matter

I had a big goal over the summer of 2021, a pretty ambitious one: it was to add more knowledge to my marketing consultancy business in branding and SEO.

True story: I hardly go on vacation but when I do, something has *suddenly* changed on Social Media. It’s frustrating and exciting to be in an industry that constantly changes.

I knew I needed to add more fundamentals to my skill set as a consultant for small businesses when I struggle sometimes to answer questions about SEO. I want to me known more than just social media. Not the latest trend/fad. You won’t see me on TikTok yet. I wanted real substance to my marketing tool set.

I wanted to share with you these courses that I took as a MarketingProfs Pro member so you might want to brush off these skills too. Or if you wanted me to help you and your business understand branding or SEO better. Whether you wanted me to help or were going to hire a technical SEO expert for your needs?

Here are more details if you want to learn more or learn from me. I won’t share all the secrets here:

Three Courses: More Knowledge

Branding. How do we stand out as a small business? SEO? How can we make our brand stand out online? Offline? What is your story? Why you and/or your business?

I took three courses from MarketingProfs as a pro member. One called How to Build a Standout Brand and two on SEO but most recently called, The Art of Being Found: SEO for (Non-Techie) Marketers.

Branding: How to stand out, effectively

After completing the branding course I understand how to make my brand pop more and in a consistent way. Also, I’m no longer afraid to break the mold when addressing my audience. I really enjoyed the case studies and sense of humor provided by the instructor, Nick Westergaard.

SEO: Standing out with your content online

After completing the SEO Courses (one earlier in the summer and an updated version at the end of August), I understood that SEO is very complex. It boils down to consistency and (internal/external) linking, and optimizing current and existing articles on your site. Here are the tools that could be useful to you that were mentioned by presenter, Andy Crestodina.

Screenshot of the tools recommended by presenter, Andy Crestodina

Finally my personal favorite: a quote from this SEO program was this from Jerry Seinfeld.

Stuck on marketing your business on social media? Why not connect with me for a coaching session? Or see my list of Public Speaking Engagements for Webinars online not limited attend if you are not my local area which includes Johnson City, TN, Kingsport, TN, Bristol, TN, Bristol, VA, Abingdon, VA. I also really enjoy crossing into Asheville, NC too.

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