Paid off Student Loans

I called my mom this morning before my Facebook Webinar to tell her I paid off my student loans which included my Masters Degree in Business that I paid out of pocket. I was inspired by a post from the lady who sent me these beautiful flowers. Jenn Herman who is an Instagram Guru, author, speaker – the main reason why I drove 7 hours with little kids to see her in person at a social media conference. She posted a few years ago that it took her 13 years to pay off her loans which also included a Masters Degree too. Since then I have been inspired by her and obsessed to pay it off asap. (She sent me these flowers after I told her this) *Interest* I took advantage of no interest being added since last year to pay it off faster. I pivoted my business, Beyond Engagement – Social Media Solutions in 2020 which helped me get to my goal faster. I joined the Sparkle Hustle Grow team in the summer 2020 which is that female entrepreneurship box that I have gotten for years and that provided additional income. Finally, being an Noonday Collection ambassador since 2019 has helped me help artisans around the globe by selling their fair-trade pieces to my friends. That income has also afforded me to purchase my mom tickets to see me during the last year. I haven’t travelled unless its out to Dollywood and I haven’t done anything to my house other than clean & fix a/c and replace dead dryer/washer. You can do this too. I am also hearing about professionals retiring with student loans debt.

What big goals have you accomplished this year? I’d love to cheer you on too!

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