Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

Quick Read: Social Selling tips for Small Business Owners

I was recently shopping for a mattress all over town. After several weeks of jumping on mattresses in many locations. I found a sales person who wasn’t “sales pitchy.” I was so comfortable talking with him that I asked him what his secret was? He told me several tips but one that stuck with me was “ABC: Always Be Closing”
Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners
Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

The ebook  “Always be Closing” is now saying that because of social media that it should mean “Always be Connecting,” said Jill Rowley.

“The Modern Sales Professional doesn’t sell, she serves. She doesn’t sell, she helps. She doesn’t sell, she facilitates a buying process. She’s where her buyers are Offline (at events), Online (in Social Networks), #AllTheTime.” (read more about Jill Rowley and her tips here, pg 49)

I’m passionate about helping others. It reflects on my posts in social media. I’m always sharing nuggets of information about social media, networking, entrepreneurship, local events that worth attending. I don’t sales pitch (as much), I hope that people see me as the person who shares info vs the one that always selling to them.

On the ebook mentioned above, Joe Pulizzi talked about the 4-1-1 rule:

“For every one self-serving tweet, you should retweet one relevant tweet and

most importantly share four pieces of relevant content written by others.”

Moreover, if you’re trying to build a relationship with a prospective lead, follow this tip by Matt Heinz from Heinz Marketing, page 14):

“taking three minutes to learn three things about someone before reaching out to them”

Social Media is a great opportunity to research someone:

  • look at their Facebook Friend Page: do a Graph Search and type in the Bar Search on the top of your Facebook Page: “Interests liked by _____(name)” (you’ll see their favorite sports team, hobbiess, etc)
  • Search interests, past presentations, awards, etc on their LinkedIn Profile
  • Read their Twitter Bio, see previous tweets (this is where I found most of the movers/shakers when I first moved to this region over 3 years ago)
  • Check what they’re posting on the Instagram account (most likely you’ll notice if they like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and their choice of coffee/tea, what they like to do for fun on the weekends with their kids).

Action Item Alert! Finally, when ending your sales pitch after meeting with the prospect. Here are a few lines to drop:

Can we schedule a follow Tuesday, does morning or afternoon sound best?

Would you like to order the bracelet (you keep eyeing) in gold or silver?

(Leave it with an open ended question)

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