Incorporating your PR campaigns into Social Media

using Skype to conference call PR graduate students



Yesterday (Election Day) I presented (via Skype) to a PR Graduate class from Emory & Henry College. I spoke about how companies/organizations/and even Presidential candidates incorporated their PR Campaigns into Social Media platforms and their audiences. One example was targeted to Millennial’s or Gen Y through the basic platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


In reaching the Women audience, it wasn’t a huge surprise  to see the Candidates wives’ using Pinterest as a platform to reach them, especially “pinning” recipes. Women are more than ever trying to use the crock pot (slow cooker) to make recipes or be crafty with the holidays in place.

Cooking with the Tablet and Pinterest handy
Women cooking a recipe off of Pinterest with the Tablet handy

It is said that the average women spends daily around 16.2 minutes on Pinterest vs. 16.8 on YouTube. Recipes being the most “pinned” on Pinterest vs. Fashion. If you’re a woman and reading this, I’m sure this picture represents something that has already happened, trying more recipes or crafts with the tablet handy in the kitchen.

Now… the latest platform that receives more active users on mobile than on Twitter is Instagram. It was just announced that it’s just transitioned from mobile to web based, what are your strategies of engaging with your clients through Instagram?