Start planning for your 2015 Holiday Season with these Social Media tools

Start planning for your 2015 Holiday Season with these Social Media tools

Start planning for your 2015 Holiday Season with these Social Media tools

They don’t call it Christmas in July for nothing. Yes. You’ve been seeing the Black Friday deals this month. Are you ready for be proactive vs reactive this Holiday season? I lost sleep a few months ago already thinking of what I could offer my clients this year as practical tips for the upcoming season. I want them to be ready for the Holidays.

The summer season is a great time for entrepreneurs to take a step back and start planning for the holidays.  Below are a few tools to keep you focused and ready for the upcoming holiday quarter.

Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte (it's now available) and let's do this!

Check out these tools:

BackDrop — stay focused with this giant screen saver that blocks out messy desktop activities, browsers, and folders (great for avoiding distractions on your desktop during presentations), available in iTunes!*

Anti-Social — keeps you off of Social Media, so you can get work done!*

*heard about these tools from a recent podcast episode interviewing Jill Konrath

Now that you’re focused with the task at hand. Time to schedule your updates for October, November, and December!

Schedule your updates in advance, yes! That’s right. Try:

Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer for scheduling. You schedule by the date, hour, minute and add an attachment such as visual and/or link!

Have you created visuals? As in collage of the products or services with a holiday theme? I really like using PicMonkey. (I actually use the paid membership but you can use it for free too, with less editing options)

You might need to know these dimensions for optimization on your pictures. (from ConstantContact)

See a complete list of ideas in the link below by Peg Fitzpatrick:

How I Manage a Social-Media Platform of More Than 11 Million Followers Every Day

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