The advice I gave to my Mastermind group this month as I lead the educational minute series.

The advice I gave to my Mastermind group this month as I lead the educational minute series.

Imagine 124 power point slides of Social Media content. I started the May the Force day by leading a Social Media bootcamp to my mastermind/networking group, it covered Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

I completed the 124 slides within the promised 1.5 hour timeframe but it was what I shared during the rest of the month that created most impact. I was leading the educational minute in our program, where I shared nuggets of info in a minute (or more). Here they are:

Atomic Habits, Habit Stacking.

I just finished reading a book that everyone has been talking about lately called Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear.

I gave a run down of the habits during my one minute. I’m literally copying and pasting from the author’s website (& from this cheatsheet) but specially this formula:

Use habit stacking: “After [CURRENT HABIT], I will [NEW HABIT].”

from James Clear’s site

I shared with the group that I needed to pray more effectively without distractions (about work, life, etc), and I need to work on tightening my core. So I went down to ground (during our meeting) to do a plank while praying in Spanish! What can you add in your life to form this habit? With your business, your marketing?

Sales tip: Either “option” and investment on committed people.

There are a few newbie or startups in our group. I shared one tip that has helped me grow my business and get responses back in my inbox. “Options” – can you meet with me on Monday at 2pm or Tuesday at 2pm? It gives the person a chance to respond immediately and narrow down chooses in this busy world.

Another thing that I shared that sounded more like a rant to my group was investment in events. There is an upcoming leadership event coming my area. It over $100 a ticket but if your audiences is there, you might want to make that investment. If your audience makes an investment of that size, then they most likely will invest in your services possibly? Be in places where people invest in themselves.

One Month to Live

(Spoiler alert: I will share this tomorrow to my group) I was attending church and that was the theme of the sermon: One Month to Live. I don’t want to talk about this into too much detail but what is one thing that could be said about yourself (your business)? My key term would be “care” – I want my audience/clients to know that I care about them and their business. Does that translate to them in your marketing: your caption on posts, your description on your site, your pictures? Let that sink in.

What educational minute tip stood out to you? I am brainstorming a new service for my clients. I train them to understand the latest tool and strategies for their social media and marketing but what about afterwards? I’m going to be launching a retainer or to make it more fun, a lunch with Valentina option where we discuss what you are progressing on and how I can help with future events over tacos?

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